Friday, September 19, 2008


I joked about Heisenbergs uncertainty principle as it applies to packages before.

I've been dealing with them all day. My Warhammer Collectors Edition started its journey two or three days ago. This morning I had a wonderful email. My package had survived Braved Delaware and Philly. Broke through into the airport. Managed not to fall out of the sky and landed in Dublin.
At 10.50am DHL couriers had my pack and were en route.
At 1.30pm I rang and they said it'd be with me within an hour.
At 4.30pm I rang and apparently their van had "broke" and the driver was "stuck somewhere waiting for the AA".


So tomorrow morning, I'm up bright and early. I've a bus or two to catch as I make my way out to the airport and claim my package a day later than promised.
Also Mythic announced that anyone without a key entered since this morning doesn't get to play today. So DHL have single handedly screwed up a simple delivery and borked my evening.

Ah well. Tomorrow, there shall be a reckoning and a bit of a glaring.

Edit! : Update on the Grace Period


Anonymous said...

DHL sucks ass. I won't have anything to do with them after my former Atlanta housemate have his iPod disappear for days, because DHL couldn't seem to find the address. Ever hear of a map?

PS: Starting guild tomorrow afternoon, so be there! :)

Sareini said...

When they originally said there was going to be a "grace period" I thought it would be a little longer than one day, considering the many, many things that can go wrong with deliveries...

Ah well. Hopefully my heartfelt plea to customer service will tug at their heartstrings enough...

Anonymous said...

This one'll go down in the Book o' Grudges! Oh, aye it will! And they'll pay, with soft, lusterous, pure ingots o' wonderful, wonderful gold.




Err, where was I?


Unknown said...

So you're joining the overseas troops then, eh?