Monday, September 22, 2008


My computer is having a bit of a breakdown (read: it's broke)

So any blogging I do here or for Hammer of War Online (go check 'em out) will have to be done during work. So if I'm scarce around the comments or here at least you know why.

Hopefully I'll be back up and running soon.


Anonymous said...

Noooooooo! *clings*

The breakage seems all-of-a-sudden, unless there was something you weren't telling us.

Blargh. Any ideas on when you'll be back up and running?

Ardua said...

Unless it's related to that aborted install of WAR. But I don't know.

Just would not turn on Sunday and Im somewhat up the creek. However David spying a technical problem is salivating over the chance to try and fix it.

Hopefully a day or two, assuming I don't bite the bullet and use my Vista Upgrade

Sareini said...

*joins Lady T in the clinging and the wailing*

...if it won't turn on it could well be the PSU (and that's the extent of my knowledge of diagnosing computer faults).

Anonymous said...

*grumble an' mutter while putting Ardy's computer in his Book of Grudges*

Now, a good rune powered calculatin device, like they used to make in the old days, why that never woulda broken down. Why, they still got two of 'em workin' tabulatin' the High King's treasure, and they been doin that on 800 years now!

Just can't make calculatin' devices like that anymore.

*grumble an' mutter*