Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's up! (Hammer of War)

My first article is up over on Hammer of War Online.

Not bad for a first shot but I have learned my lesson. Don't write during work :P

Pop over, check it out and leave some comments (even a You suck, go this other way is welcome).

Also points go to Joey in charge over there for the title.
The Art of War


Anonymous said...

You suck!!

Now that's out of the way, good article. I used to hate KE till I got to know it better. Now I embrace my inner kaboom.

Ardua said...

Quite well I...wait bad joke.

Khaines Cuddlybunny is a great time I think. Personally Im going to try fit one or two more in before Open Beta goes down. I'll be at Games Day tomorrow so wont get on till late.

Regis said...

Oh I see we posted one at about the same time, but yours much more extensive so that should be ok ;)