Friday, September 05, 2008

News from the Front and slightly to the Left

It seems that Open Beta is going up two days early for all Preview weekend people.

Pro : I get two more days to fart about doing silly things.
Con : There may still be that graphic error.

Pro : I can get stuff for a Hammer of War Article
Con : It's American only.

So for this weekend you will find me on the Open Beta in the US, but for the rest of the week I will more than likely be harassing the Book Of Grudges, Wizards and Wenches and all the other euros like myself thanks to the Freddyshouse Open Beta key I got.

Expect lunatic tales to come.


Copperbird said...

Do you not feel bad about snagging both a US and EU key?

Ardua said...

I can't say that I do. My US open beta came from my CE copy. So I've had that for a bit.
I grabbed the EU open beta code as well, there are friends Ive made and bloggers I'd love to have at least one group with but can't because of the server divide.

Plus who knows, that key could spell my move from NA to EU servers or even having two accounts thanks to Hammer of War Online "paying" for one.

Anonymous said...

If you don't join us on the live NA servers, I will hunt you down and hurt you mightily.

(Ardy bought the NA CE version to be able to play with his fellow City of players.)

Ardua said...

Colour me warned.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmyeah. Depart for the EU servers and I'll have to shank you in places that don't tolerate shankings very well. If/when I pick up WAR, I'd like to be able to roll with everyone, damnit.