Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Launch stuff

The obligatory Blogger "zomg the game is on" launch post.

As I'm about to start work and still half asleep, we're going to go back to our old friend, Mr Bullet Point.

  • Destruction sleeps alot. Honestly, Order had Ekrund and Mount Bloodhorn completely in the bag and uncontested up until "evening" in America. No complaints here, the minor vendor buffs were handy and let me get some good levels in Apothecary.
  • Gates of Ekrun Scenario is unloved. May be related to the Destruction love of sleep.
  • This explains the WAR. Someone woke the various faction leaders up too early and so now we have an invasion.
  • I crashed to desktop twice, but I can alt tab (windowed mode) with impunity.
  • I have rolled up Orrekai on Ostermark for those wanting to come RP and Ardua on Avenheim to abuse and annoy the Casualties of War. Rune Priest and Warrior Priest.
  • I'm just shy of level 10 having played a quick catch up to my friends.
  • PvPQs are amusing.
The final thing is a quick note. This is the third time I've brought Orrekai to 10ish. PW I got to 11 and Open beta I got to 11.
Despite being in the same zones, with the same quests and the same paths three times, I'm not bored of it. Perhaps it's the MMO equivalent of new car smell. Maybe it's the fact that the world is just so so much bigger than City of Heroes and presents other options for levelling.

Or maybe it's the simplest two factors. I left the heavy exploring off till live. I keep finding lovely new things (there's a way to Barak Varr from Redhammer Station by wandering into the Greenskin Chapter four area and taking a mountain path). Secondly, there is alot to do. Every time I've been to Altdorf, depsite combing the place, there is another something to be doing. It's amazing.

This week you'll likely find me clearing up Tome stuff in Dwarf Chapters 1-4 or praising Sigmar with my serious hammer. Leave a comment if you want to get in touch and run around.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh...Your in the Casualties of War on Averheim, I've seen some of your bretheren. I play on Averheim Destruction, A Chosen in the Einherjar guild. I hope to see you on the battlefield.