Monday, September 29, 2008

Snafzg is a git

And I can prove it!

It's always fun to see familiar faces, and also a pity that you can't talk to the opposing side sometimes.

Granted Teamspeak was a little confused

Ardy (Orrekai) : Holy Crap it's Snaf!
Bregel : Who?
Ardy : SNAF! The Greenskin blog!
Bregel : ?
Ardy : I have got to get a screenshot

I may also have singed him at some point. However as you can see by the score, Destruction spanked us in that run.


arbitrary said...

We got quite excited about battling some of our old DAoC guild at a keep last night. Or, I did... everyone else seemed quite calm.

Anonymous said...

Hahah, awesome! :)

As you can see, my animations are a bit bugged since I appear to be casting spells like a shaman rather than shooting like a squig herder!

That or I'm trying to defend my pretty face from your ruthless attacks!

Ardua said...

Say Cheese or get the Hammerstick!