Monday, June 30, 2008

Legion : Tracking

Welcome to Red-Ex, where X marks the spot
Login : crtyind
Password : ########

... ... ... login confirmed

Track item : 456821937-d

Item shipped!

Last scan : Independance Port

Destination : Mercy Island

Despite all the tracking systems in the world, regardless of all the positional data available, no matter what information is given, sooner or later, everything shipped enters a Heisenberg state.

You either know exactly where it is, and it isn't moving, or you haven't a clue where your post or parcel has gone, but it's definitely in motion.

Passive sensors were kept running throughout the shipping process, but the package only awoke on the ship after the echoes of the first shot had died away.
Someone was on board the vessel. Someone who was clearly armed and .... may delay delivery!

The Sky Raiders had come across the ship as it passed reasonably close to Striga, and that made it fair game. Rumours of new technologies on board and headed to Arachnos made it irresistable.
They simply made the mistake of delaying the package.

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