Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This simple basement is lit up like a galaxy. Stars twinkle here and there, glowing in the darkness, winking in and out of view. It is no light display however. A gaze that could penetrate the dark would spy squat forms moving here and there. Eyesockets glowing and giving the impression of stars in a field of sky.

This is where the Robo-Buddies sleep, or what passes for sleep in these bizzare creations.

Unit 1 remains active at all times. The prototype, and the central controller. This is the source of all the directives, all the models, all the ranks of supposedly cute robotic companions. In this AI core, information leaps and dances like a thing alive. Only now, there is a blip in the data. An error to correct.

AIcre Unit1-A Cmd Mdl >> Directive update >> All units >> All models
>Etoile Islands now declared viable source of revenue. Mk II unit with stealth function and Staticplay system dispatched as pathfinder.
>>Network intrusion detected from Grandville. Countermeasures employed. . . .
>>>Credit Card registered to Stefan Richter sucessfully debited $799.99. Mk I (v3.2 upgradable programming model) dispatched to Arachnos Shipping & Receiving, Mercy Island.
>>>>Mk I series Unit 63 reports variable density mace toy effective in promotional advertising. Mk I units with Mace sold separately directed to obtain substitute.

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Anonymous said...

I totally saw this guy that looked like a lemming driving a Ford on the circular motorway home yesterday. He was only a bit more blonde than the true Lemming of which all others are shadows.

Next time I take photo.