Monday, June 23, 2008

Geek out

Preparations continue for Warhammer Online.

I have an interview with GOA this Friday for the english GM position for WAR : Europe \o/
I've read 6 of the what... 9 Gotrek and Felix books and started in on Malus Darkblade (soon to be followed by Heldenhammer)
I downloaded all the old Warhammer RP books thanks to Cryo, and I'm looking into some means of obtaining a code for the Skaven skin cloak.

Suffice to say, my geeking out is in progress well and truly.

With regards City of Heroes. Assuming I leave the moment WAR is out, that'd be October. That also happens to be my personal 4 year point in CoX (though not the 48 month badge as I did miss the occasional payment).

Hopefully I'll have met my personal goals by then.
One of every blueside AT at 50.
(Peacebringer, Warshade, Scrapper, Tanker, Controller, Defender, Blaster)
One redside 50 and Veats unlocked.

So far I have four of the seven blue 50s. I have a Warshade at 41 and a Scrapper at 42. The hardest one for me, oddly given my playstyle of lawlnuke, will be the blaster.
As for the evil side of things, 12 more levels. 12 wee levels.

Time to get the thumb out.

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