Monday, August 18, 2008

Why commuting is bad.

I've made a few comments, both on the Book of Grudges and on Waaagh! as to why there is often miscommunication with regards WAR. My theory is Timezones.
GMT is 5 hours ahead of EA's East Coasty people and 8 hours ahead of Mythic in California.

EDIT : Ardy is a bit daft and has been obsessed with the idea that Mythic is in California. No idea why. As a helpful comment pointed out, they're actually in Virginia, thus EST and thus I fail. No more defending them! Bah :P

That means that at 9am Mythic Office time, it's 5pm here. Time for GOA to bugger off home.
Time for me to do so as well.

So.... for an entire hour I am out of touch while I make my way home. No fancy iPhone here. So things happen.

Here is the result.

6:21 PM
me: It's a me
arbitrary: NDA drop tomorrow ;p open beta ready to download
me: o.O
arbitrary: hrrm.. what else did you miss? UK prices reduced ;p
6:22 PM
me: *flail* Remind me to stay in work late in the future
arbitrary: :-)
me: I told you it'd all happen around five :P
arbitrary: yeah, Mark posted over at the Vault
6:23 PM
me: Aaaand now I have a problem. Do I continue my campaign of random emails to get into Closed beta and only have to patch that client, or do I download Open Beta now...
arbitrary: I'd probably download open beta
6:24 PM
me: Yeah. Likely for the best.
6:25 PM
arbitrary: I want to know from you if the download goes smoothly (unlike CB one) and when the NDA drops, you'll be able to say!
me: Ahhh good point!
6:26 PM
arbitrary: cos we know GOA won't put it up for a while
6:27 PM
me: So far, Ive had to refresh Fileplanet twice :P
6:29 PM
arbitrary: :-)
me: And back to the start
arbitrary: and so the frustration starts!
6:30 PM
me: Pardon the following french. WORK YOU BASTARD
arbitrary: ha ha
me: aha! I may be progressing to step 3 of 3
6:33 PM
me: So Fileplanet.
Step 1. Enter or create a fileplanet account.
Step 2. Enter your pre-order open beta access key. Expect delay.
Step 2 and a bit. Image code validaty thingie.
arbitrary: yay!
6:34 PM
me: Step 2 and a little more, dont forget the image thing likes Caps lock.
Step You're kidding. Site times out, press refresh and pray.
arbitrary: ha ha, you should just blog this conversation to save writing it all up again
6:35 PM
me: I think I shall
arbitrary: including the swearing, of course
me: XD

It's now 7.04 and I continue to wrestle with Fileplanet. Updates as I possibly maybe beat someone to them.


Anonymous said...

But Mythic is in Virginia...

Ardua said...

Egg on my face XD

Still thanks for the pointer! :)