Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ode to WAAAGH!!!

I have crawled out of bed this morning. Stupid cant turn you off alarm.

Still no email. Nor shall there be. With regards Closed Beta Mythic has this to say.

James Nichols General News 08/11/2008 @ 04:03:38 EST
While you might be
getting sick of my terrible headlines I hope you still got a fevah for more Beta
Invites!The last batch of CE Beta invites have just been sent out to all
eligible CE Open Beta card holders.We'd love to let everyone in but we still
have a few more roofs to thatch before we're ready to have you move in. Look
forward to the announcements on the preview weekend...they'll be coming to a
Herald near you!

So that's that for now.

There's still the preview and open beta to go. But no CB for Ardy. Sadface.
I'm going back to bed...


Anonymous said...

There had been some trouble with how they checked what computers were eligible, so there still might be a chance.

But if you don't get into CB worry not, it will probably be very short and then we get preview weekend and open beta. And I don't get into OB since I'm in EU and no CE. So it could be worse :)



Anonymous said...

Doh, sorry Ardy :( Open beta has to be starting soon, though!

Ardua said...

Thanks lads.

It's a bit daft really, Regis has it worse (bind those wrists mate) and up until Woohoo Wednesday I was doing fine :P

I suppose its hard to contain oneself when they say "Surrree you're all getting in....wait not you though"

Friday is account day and NDA/PW/OB yet to come.I'll survive :P

Unknown said...

Join me in my miserable evening! I'll be grumping around the place until bedtime.

Ardua said...

We shall grump together so.