Monday, August 04, 2008

Choose your battles

I return!

Recently (read : all weekend, and I had taken days off too) I came down with a massive headcold and couldn't really take part in all that went on with WAR lately.

To recap

  • People got butthurt because Standard Edition (SE) pre-orders are getting Warhammer Open beta as well as the Collectors Edition (CE) folks.
  • There's been bugger all news otherwise.
  • Still no newsletter.

So! Where do I stand on all of this?

You know, I don't much care. I bought the collectors edition not for the leg up on other players, I bought it for the loot. The swag. The gubbins inside. I justify my $80 (€51.32) quite a few ways. Primarily, I'd end up paying almost as much for a standard edition in Ireland as I will for a CE in America, where I play. Then, €50 is well worth it for a limited edition miniature, art book, graphic novel, in game quests, xp boosting spell, character heads, portable camp and the enjoyment I will get from same.
The pre-order? Well that just is icing on the cake. I get a special power (Guardians Sapphire band iirc), open beta and live game headstart.
Sure there will be standard edition pre-order guys there, but they dont have my toys.

That and honestly now, it's not much of a stress test if there are only 60,000 people plus current beta population. Of course the Standard guys should get in. They're likely paying a pre-order cost anyway.

The other recent news.

First, the Road to War site.
Maybe it's because it is Monday (and there are supposed to be things coming today) but the site is currently rather slow. At any rate I have declared my allegiance. Dwarf and Order. I have also nabbed their little vote thing and bunged it in a post below, which is now also linked on the left. I can has gold please? On that note, if you want to claim I "recruited" you, the email to use is
Also for interest, I have put my little marker thingy in California. Yes I know I am from/in Dublin but that is where my game is shipping to, so why not?

Boathammer has passed the mantle/ball & chain of the Warhammer bloggers guild to Jo Bildo. I'm the token European and I shall be there!


arbitrary said...

Kind of watching the Road to War thing until we know if Europeans will miss out on any such fun stuff. If so, it's going to raise a bit of hell I imagine :-)

But yay for being our rep on the bloggers guild!

Ardua said...

I'd love to watch it more, but the site just keeled over and died :P Still it should be interesting. I wonder if there is a version...