Monday, August 25, 2008

My weekend away

This weekend, I dipped into City Of a few times. Some light rp with my girlfriend and some light snake whomping with my good friend Seph.

The rest of the online time was spent in the Preview weekend for Warhammer.
Man did I have a good time.

First, the bad.

Seems despite Can You Run It assuring me that, yes, yes I can run it, I have trouble. Specifically my GeForce 7300 LE appears to not be up to the job. The sky was constantly artefacted and I cannot look above the horizon without seizure inducing weirdness occuring. This also happened to me in the Tabula Rasa beta, but as I never took the game up due to various reasons, I never followed up the cause. I may need a better graphics card. We'll see.

Secondly, I have more than enough ram, yet tween the graphics issue and my normal online state which is "multitasking" I found that I cannot really alt tab. If theres alot going on and I alt tab to check an email or a post or the TS settings or what people are saying on Trillian... I come back to a black screen. The world just refuses to render. Sooo ctrl alt del, kill WAR.exe
I found that when I behaved and just closed down my browser, I could alt tab with impunity and thus save myself from being killed by she who must be obeyed/messaged.

That said, they were minor technical irritations. Similar to the pathing problem Tobold mentions over here.

What did I do? I rolled up three alts in total.

An Archmage who was .... nice. The first blast just lacks alot of oomph for me. I know you cant have it all, but still. However later on they get the prismatic shield and that is very lovely to watch cast.

A Sorceress, who despite my best attempts, I couldnt get to explode from Dark Magic. I need more abilities :P Also yes, the idea that you get skimpier on your first upgrade is well founded. On removing the starter robes (seems leather lingerie is in for Dark Elves) and wearing the loot drop, I ended up with odd sleeves, lots of leg showing and the impression that someone is cupping her breasts by way of support.
Entertaining I suppose.

My most played and indeed first rolled char was my Rune Priest Orrekai.
Man I had a good time with him. I even got up to Level 11 and Renown 6, allowing me to get my first RvR kit from Barak Varr. I was loving the class before that and promptly fell in love again on decking out my little guy with the good stuff.

I'll do a proper write up of my experiences later on, hopefully with photos. The highlights however of the weekend were

  • Meeting Gotrek and Felix
  • Exploring Altdorf (Ooo whats the swirly thing)
  • Getting pasted along with Bregel, my ever present Ironbreaker companion, by a Great Unclean One
  • Firing cannons
  • Khaines Embrace RvR scenario.

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