Friday, August 08, 2008

Coming soon : New Blogroll

Just copying this from my post on Blog Warhammer to update the Blog.
God I'm lazy.

Warhammer Age of Reckoning

Anonymous Defender
Book of Grudges
Champions of Stuff
Echoes of Nonsense
Keen and Graev's Gaming Blog
O Rly?! Ya Rly! No Wai!!
Tales of War
The Cogworks
The Frozen elf
The Greenskin
The Order of Destruction
The Secret Life of Mobs
The Tome of Ignorance
The War Corps
The White Lion
Tobolds Blog
Warhammer Alliance
Waaagh Insider
Warhammer Insider
Werit Blog
Wizards & Wenches

Blogger and Blog Friend Guild

Casualties of War

Dev/CM Blogs
Paul Barnett's blog
Josh Drescher's blog
Doubt the Stars
Elvish Parsley
Fierce Kitten
Adventures in MMO Community Management

MMO News Links

Ten Ton Hammer

Updated : 08/08/08


Anonymous said...

You're lazy? I'm thinking about making a list of CoW bloggers for the guild forum, and I want to cut and paste yours, and keep the right names :) I can out-lazy you...well, I could, if I could get up the motivation to be lazier than you.

boatorious said...

I was just thinking how lucky I am that my blog name starts with a "b", so I don't have to look far through a blogroll to see if I'm listed. /random has everyone beat though. I'm curious, does an ampersand precede a slash in alphabetical order? &Boathammer, here we come!

arbitrary said...

I believe that in the case of two that start with punctuation, you then just go to the first letter ;p

Ardua said...

@Boat, there is but one way to find out.

Just god help anyone who starts with a Z .... (reminds me, someone does :P)

@Slash, I am teh lazy. I originally lifted the blogroll elsewhere, adapted it. This time round, I added the Blog Warhammer people and used the replace function in Note pad to change formats. No typing for me!