Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Consider for a moment the type of people you play with. Apart from Casual gamers who go all over the place, alot of people have a preferred genre. MMO, RTS, FPS and so on.

Then consider the draw to certain IPs. There are Star Wars RPGs, FPS', an MMO and quite probably an RTS that I cannot bring to mind.

Warhammer Online poses a question for me.
The offline fans, the tabletop fans, they are more akin to an RTS player than an MMO. Warhammer on the model level is about massed units, different abilities and knowing which unit to send against which. What move to make to deal with a live opponent and as always, how to live with the whims of the dice.

MMO fans are a varied bunch. Sure we all play different things, but even the most team centric guild and group minded person doesn't operate on the same scale as an RTS battle.

Given that RvR is all about constant on going warfare, up to and including the point of sacking the enemy home city. Given than the open grouping mechanic is (I think) intended to make groups form organically and easily.
Given that we're all going to have a stand up brawl someday in a world RvR zone.
Who will come out on top?

The player used to dealing with small groups of certain classes who can win a battle? Or the player used to dealing with massed groups of various strengths who can win a war?

I guess the question is this. As much as it will be and as much as I will enjoy it, will the game be an unruly mob fight or are we going to see guilds arrange themselves in such a way that we become the regiments we take our characters from on the table top?

I for one would adore to see an army on the march, seeking victory, over the still inspiring sight of half my realm zerging the nearest warm body.

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