Friday, July 11, 2008

Some feature cuts and a comment

A comment rebuttal to recent Warhammer news. (Link in the post title)

Suffice to say, Mythic put on the big boy pants and announced that some stuff just wont make the launch of the game.

Rather than push it back again, rather than push it out half baked, rather than not tell anyone (รก la Funcom), they came out and announced the bad news.

Naturally the blogosphere is being riddled with comments along the lines of "WTF MYTHIC SUX cancelling CE 4eva"

My comment on the Massively blog (page 2)

I can't believe some of the complaints here.

Everyone wanted to know if Mythic had paid attention to Funcom and the AoC launch.Guess what, they did. Rather than balls up their game, they're telling us the bad news now rather than waiting till after launch and then admitting things aren't done.

Everyone should calm down. Like most, yes I find the news a little saddening.However I'd rather, as Mark put it, a fanbleedintastic game with some more bits to come post launch.
Also look at it this way, rather than 6 randomly populated cities, the moment they release the final four cities, there will be a huge boom in tourism there.

I bought two CE games. I'm keeping both and thumbs up to Mythic for having the balls to make the annoucement.

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