Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Busy busy

You know... When I woke up Monday, the week was ahead of me and there were identifiable points.

Monday was to see Dad off to England. Tuesday was to see me getting money. Wednesday and Thursday were groups. Friday is the start of Double XP in City of Heroes. Then weekend. Glorious weekend with the Monday off (and not just because of double xp).

Oh how things can change.

  • Shannon put her back out quite badly. I rushed home from work
  • 4pm : The pain isn't subsiding so we call the ambulance. Shannon loved the gas they gave her.
  • 5.30ish : Shannon is laid up in agony in hospital.
  • 6-8pm : We sucessfully get Shannon a) medicated and b) from laying to sitting. Ask her about the bonding experience
  • 9pm onwards : We get home. I spend the rest of the night helping a very very sore woman
  • Fortunately Dad did not go to England as planned and instead went Tuesday


  • Jonathan had slept maybe an hour. By sleep we mean, passed out, drooled, woke shortly after.
  • Shannon discovered the ability to walk
  • Jonathan was called into work despite ringing in "zomg broken person"
  • Milk is delivered to work between 10 and 11. I found it in my hall, still, at 2pm. Oh well.
  • Glorious sleep was achieved that night


  • I stayed home for a little bit to make sure Shannon had mastered the concept of getting up and down. Otherwise ... how could she do anything for the time I'm supposed to be in work. Thankfully she's recovering quickly.
  • I almost squished a mouse.
  • I captured said mouse and tried to feed him. That whole cheese thing is a myth.
  • He's living in a box at home and will be released later on. At the time he seemed injured and I didn't want to kill him or leave him in the backgarden as easy prey.
  • Mouse has however shown improvement (or so I'm told).
  • I discovered a love of bullet points

That's three days down. Two more to go this week. Annoyingly, I still need money. Hopefully, David will come through. If not, I have a plan.

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