Friday, July 04, 2008

The clothes maketh the man

I need a suit. This is quite obivous.

So Shannon and I went to Black Tie on O'Connell bridge to obtain said suit.

Two positives, there was a competition one could enter to win a €3000 holiday voucher, and we found a suit that worked.
Negative, nothing in the store fit me, but I'm used to that.

So we made an appointment to come back and try on properly scaled items. I was measured and we were told we could enter the competition on our return as there was "no rush".

Yesterday we went back.
The competition was over and one lucky couple won the €3000 voucher. Turned out the last day for entry was the 30th of June and the guy who helped us previously neglected to mention that.
Secondly, despite having measured me, no one ordered in a sufficiently large white shirt, so we need to do it all again. I dont mind, I found the waistcoat rather amusing (though that too was too short).

Fun fact : I can't say waistcoat for some reason recently. It comes out as waistcoast.

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