Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I have the best toys

Imagination. That's where it is at.

That is what helps us play. What turns a stuck out index finged and thumb into a gun for Cops & Robbers. (As an aside thought, why is it called Cops & Robbers even in Ireland and England where "cops" isnt exactly the most common term for Police?)
With imagination and passion and ability, we are brought our games. We make our games great. Anyone can click buttons on a computer, but it is far more engaging to feel as though you are that Space rouge/Wizard/Dwarf/Superhero.

I have a fantastic toy right now. It is a Canon iRC5185i black toner cartridge. I removed it from the photocopier because it was finished, obviously. It is black, has a hand grip where you are supposed to hold and rotate new ones to loosen the toner. It has a sliding plastic piece at the top that moves back. Rather like a shotgun being racked.

You know what? I have a freakin plasma gun. Sure it may only amuse me for a few minutes, what with me apparently being an adult, but for those few minutes it is mighty. I can slay foes, defend innocents, change worlds.

It is one of the things I wonder if I can do in Warhammer Age of Reckoning.
In City of Heroes I have serious roleplay characters yes (or as serious as I ever get). I also have various, a small giant insect (4' tall as opposed to other giant insects), a mutated puppy dog, three versions of a rampant AI childs toy (see below for Robo-Buddy) and a guy who gets covered in rocks because they really really like him. Roleplayers are varied. A friend recently told me she was for once glad not to be playing with me due to my latest incarnation of Robo-Buddy. To each their own really. It may bother her, but it amuses me and keeps me playing. I tend towards daftness rather than darkness more often than not because I enjoy being happy. My roleplay isn't necessarily right, nor is it technically wrong. It simply is what I enjoy. Why play a game you are not enjoying?

I know that in the grim darkness of the far future or the distant past, in Warhammer, there is only war.

That is fine by me. I however know there will be smiles, jokes, things to amuse and I hope very much, some methods whereby I can be as silly as I want or imagine as much as I want to give myself another few moments of fantasy funnies. Imagination is the ultimate sandbox.


arbitrary said...

At an old library I worked in we packed up all books and noone was allowed in. We took all the kick-steps, added plungers and played dalek vs dalek...

Ardua said...

Absolutely fantastic!

I wonder if they have any in my local library :P

On the vein of silly fun, I personally am looking forward to the first organised Chaos Chicken horse vs High Elf in Green tabard grudge match.

Bloody Link.