Thursday, July 17, 2008

All the cool kids are doing it

So a fair few blogs out there that I have taken to reading recently are doing "playlists".
Specifically the list of characters they are most likely to try in Warhammer : Age of Reckoning.

Now, this isn't a dedicated MMO blog (God I wish I had the time to make it so) or a WAR blog (See previous brackets) or hell... even read by anyone.

Still here is Ardys playlist.

  1. Dwarven Runepriest. I have a hammer on a stick, kick ass robes and runes just sound like a barrel of fun.
  2. Dwarven Ironbreaker. They call me Lemming in City of Heroes. Hell I can get aggro just by being in a zone. So a tank who gets better the more people who focus on him? Sign me up!
  3. High Elf Shadow Warrior. Quite a bit further down my "zomgwant2play" meter but still sounds like fun.
  4. High Elf Archmage/Human Bright Wizard. Ardy likes to nuke. I'll probably lean towards the Bright Wizard seeing as my main will be a healer. That and the chance to explode because I fired off that much magic? Hilarious.


  1. Black Orc. I get to be big. I get to grunt. I get to smack my own side back out of a battle. How fun is that?
  2. Dark Elf Sorceress. See Bright Wizard. Same rationale, this time with boobs.
  3. Chaos Magus. If for no other reason than the disc amuses me.

C'est ca. So if anyone out there does read the blog and is going to play WAR, what'll you play?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting WAAAGH! I'll be adding your blog to my RSS feed.

Ardua said...

Anytime at all. Have to say I'm loving your blog and Snafgz's

Anonymous said...

Cool blog! I have seen your comments around but this is first time I got to look at your blog. I like it. Great writer too if I might add.

Ardua said...

So hard to keep all the blogs straight sometimes XD

Thanks for the comment mate and now to go camp your comment section :P