Monday, July 21, 2008

Legion : Delivery Charge

Robo-Buddy Mk I v3.2 Upgradable model.

>AI system start.

>Delivery phase complete.

>>Accepting new modules
>>>Obtaining mace replacement
>>>Updating firmware. . . . complete.

Armor modification detected. Integrating systems. Redesignating Mk III v1.0

> Online

"Bob we're never going to get away with this..."

"Look, someone upstairs ordered the damn thing. The Widow doesn't have any kids, I'm not even going to ask about the Lord and the 'recruits' for widow and spider training don't get toys."

"..yeah but I mean sticking it in a Crab-can? The damn thing already grabbed my gun"

"There's talk, I've seen the guys out near Kalinda. Some of the soldiers and widows are breaking ranks and doing that Destined One one will notice another ...errr short spider. C'mon it's not like he can get out"


So! Double XP Weekend went rather well for me. Played a bit with Werit of and worked my ass off on my (at the time) level 39 Ice/Cold corruptor. Several ITF's, one LGTF and a farming team later I hit level 50 and unlocked VEATs.

Thus for my own amusement and to the horror of my friends, there is now a Robo-Buddy Soldier of Arachnos running around at level 14 (I knew taking Monday off would pay off).

Thanks to everyone who helped!

I do have a personal list of goals before I ever leave the game completely. They are to get one level 50 for every heroic AT and one villain at 50. That's 8 level 50 characters.

5 down. Next up Warshade (lvl41) and Scrapper (lvl42). The final 50, a blaster, will likely be the hardest for me. However I have found the silliest concepts usually make characters more playable for me after all this time. Hence, the Puppy make make the change from Claws/Regen scrapper to Sonic/Devices blaster. We'll see.

In conclusion, Robo-Buddy watches you.

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