Saturday, January 03, 2009

Some bits and pieces

You know... I sometimes compose blog entries in my head. What I'll write about, what I won't. What has just occured to me.

It's part of why I am considering chaning my mobile phone so I can try my hand at mobile blogging and actually get those thoughts down when they are thunked.

Blame The Healer has beaten me to one of those topics today. Specifically, the Boon of the Impalpable Tome Tactic.

Farting about yesterday on my Engineer, I was overcome with the urge to get myself a pistol. After much browsing of WarDB I located one below T3. Norri is still 21 and Im happy with him there until such time as Orrekai slows back down or I hit my head off something in T3/T4 and need a break.

As a result I met the Ironbreaker Durndon and a nice Rune Priest Falgrim (or something to that effect, I've gone and forgotten sadly. See why I need to write things down?). Chapter 6 lied to me. It said the epic reward was a handgun. It's still a rifle. Chapter 7 however does have a handgun as the PQ Epic Reward.
The problem is Chapter 7 has only one PQ. It's rated Hard as well.
No matter, I set up my turret and merrily started culling Orcs. After a few run throughs (I can only imagine how the Rune Priest enjoyed it, apart from the odd blip in my health he was free to loot to his hearts content) I finally got my handgun. Seeing as I was in Barak Varr, I decided to visit the Slayer ship and get my tactic. I had long since completed the Wanted part of the tactic when I was out getting my Tracker Armor set. Durndon had stuck with me, so I thought I'd get him the tactic as well. Off we went to talk to the Captain.

For bonus points, or rather for a Tome Unlock, also talk to the First Mate on the ship for the entry on Slayers.

Quick trip over to Ostland, even quicker stomping on the chap we needed. To Altdorf!

At this point I realised a few things. Firstly, there's alot in Altdorf to do that people don't know. They figure it's a high level place or something, I am not entirely sure. So tomorrow, I shall ramble aimlessly about Altdorf.
Secondly, Ostermark has a channel on the Order side of things for co-ordinating open field RvR. /channeljoin OrderRvR to get in on the action. All tiers, all the time. Mostly you'll find t3 or t4 action and after a few days, familiar names at certain times.

Also, has reported on the Age of Blogging initiative. Rock on!

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