Monday, January 05, 2009

Dawi's got a brand new bag

What do you wear?

Werit recently got his Annihilator set on his engineer a ways up in t4. Orrekai my Rune Priest recently got the title, Captain of Consignments. What this means is I have the Tracker and Stalker sets. I also have the Decimator set and am working on my Devestator. Norri my Engineer, down in T2, has the Tracker set and two bits of the Obliterator set.

Now, here's the thing. By the time I got to getting the tracker pieces, I had outleveled most of them, but wore them out of an idea that the buffs were worth it somehow. By the time I got myself the Stalker set, well I had again outleveled bits, was wearing some of the oRvR stuff and have even more of it ready and waiting for my next renown level.

This introduces a problem. T4 beckons my friends and myself. Alot of us are 31-28 and ready to rock. A few others are just a tiny bit behind. Should we intentionally Auction/grind for the purposes of getting a particular set or should we continue to hodgepodge?
Even if we all decided we'd be the Oathbearers Legacy all outfitted in Annihilator armor... we're not like Werit. He's kept his rank and renown rank even. I'm in a position myself where they arent too far off (28/26). I'm unsure about the others in the guild, but one I know (yes you, you arrow throwing Elf) has a rather large gap between rank and renown.

We've all come from City of Heroes were there is no armor and life is simpler. There's not the added restriction of "Why yes, you're high enough level to wear this...but you're just not badass enough. Get more renown".

Should we all pause on the cusp of T4 and plan what to do to maximise potential?

I think not. If the wood flinging elf isn't getting much rvr done, so be it. We'd not exclude. If the talkative heretic hunter is constantly rank and renown matched, there's an advantage, but only in that certain options exsist but others may not.

Werit has done fantastic and now looks it on his engineer.
But would he have been 40 by now if he wasnt getting the renown up? Or does it come so thick and fast later that we cannot all help but take our levels in badass?

Me? I'm going to continue having fun in the manner I see fit. Right now, that happens to be making a nuisance of myself in oRvR. It has benefits and if my friends come along, it's better again. If not, well we can all go PvEing.
I just need to shake this armor habit.


Anonymous said...

I used the Devastator set from T3 (pvp drops) up until I could wear the Annihilator set. I liked the bonus using the whole set made. Sure I may have been able to min/max, but didn't see the need.

Anonymous said...

I am using full Devastator until I hit 35-31 (10% renown to go!) on my Swordmaster. I have 4/5 Annihilator waiting in my bag. I do believe at least for a tank it is worthwhile. Before even reaching a rank suitable for Annihilator, my Devastator grants me 70% armor, great stats that thus far do not compare.

I divide the stat bonus amongst 5 pieces of armor and then individually compare each piece... yet still Devastator is best.

As for leveling, I too long debated between keeping my renown up or leveling. I also asked myself:
Easy T3 renown? Or push for 40 and hope that 40 in T4 is better than T3? Is the quickened grind to 40 and slower RR better than the slower grind to 40 and maintaining RR?
Not to mention the factors of picking up Annihilators (not going to happen as often before 40 unless you're as lucky as me).

In the end this is what I have decided: I wasted SO MUCH TIME trying to calculate which of the two is a better path, that if I just do what I LIKE, I wont waste time sitting around and no matter what it will be better!

So I agree, do what you find fun. If you are toiling over something you dont like, you'll move at a slower pace due to the mind numbing nature alone! Not to mention, you'll probably be doing NOTHING while you continue to debate if it is inseed better.

Since I stopped worrying, I've made much more progress. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Zyla is currently at 28/18.

Considering I haven't really enjoyed scenarios since T1 and oRvR is hit and miss (or terribly boring while everyone is "oh we're gearing up for it" -- the 3 hour wait for "everyone to Reinhold to protect it!" is case in point), it doesn't surprise me in the least that I'm behind on renown ranks.

I don't mind oRvR. But Saturday is my one day dedicated to WAR. *shrugs*