Friday, January 02, 2009

Ostermark and Phoenix Throne

Some quick notes on those servers.

First up, Phoenix Throne is where you'll find me doing Destruction things every so often. I've got myself a Squig Herder by the name of Leggit sitting pretty at 11 and still in love with Squig Armor.
Also the fantastic Bregel from Oathkeepers Legacy gave me (on his Destro alt) the BattleBrew backpack. Man I love that thing.

There'll be a guild up there soon. So anyone who wants to kill Ardy, say hi to Virtue folks from City of Heroes or generally get a blog entry up (along the lines of "Must kill this guy") pop by and say hi.


Still only have three order characters. I've been very well behaved in that regard.
Katrine the Witch Hunter reached 10 and then paused.
Norri Powderkeg, my engineer, is similarly on ice for the moment at level 21.

Orrekai Dalinsson, my main, has been runing his Dwarven ass off over the Christmas break. This has seen me go from what... rank 23 rr 18 or so up to rank 28 rr25 in a very short period. I've also gleefully taken part in more oRvR over the last while than I can ever remember doing before.
To that end, the news from Ostermark.
Last I saw we had both the Chaos Wastes and Black Crag open with a serious push on Dragonwake over the last two days. Thunder Mountain and Praag have been locked for sometime. With any luck, alot of work and some pressure we could be looking at a fortress assault reasonably soon. I'm getting married in 15 days. That entire weekend I wont be available. I have a t4-able character. prediction is Ostermark will siege the Inevitable City the weekend of the 17th :P

Also a quick shout out.
Thanks go to the following Characters for making my oRvR entertaining and constant recently. No particular order.
  • Walton (Ironbreaker)
  • Damiana (Rune Priest)
  • Kaelidan (Ironbreaker)
  • Faulheim (KoBS)
  • Faustred (Bright Wizard)
  • Tyrandell (White Lion)
  • Maligaunt (KoBS)
  • Relaena (Witch Hunter, also blogs. Check out the Forging of Ice and Fire)
  • Amera (Warrior Priest)
  • Gang (KoBS)
  • Devilchild (KoBS with the amusing surname of Poorbastard)
  • many many more in Empire, Dwarf and yes even Elf T3

This weekend, assuming I am not too busy, you'll likely find me trying in vain to kill 14 more Ogre Tyrants and get myself alot of beer kegs. I wont make the Elite Kegs End reward (pity), but by Grimnir, Grungi and Vallaya I will get myself that trophy and fill that list.

Oh and the Rune of Battle mastery ability is my new best friend.

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Anonymous said...

Seems like Order was making a strong push for the HE/DE fort last night. They were 90-something percent toward locking Caledor when I logged off. There's simply not much you can do vs. several hundred people and I didn't feel like waiting hours to pelt them for miniscule damage on the keep walls as they made their slow but eventual push into the lord's room (not sure if they made it that far or not).