Monday, January 26, 2009

GOA Meet, March 9th

Cheap Accomodation
Rough Directions
Bus Fare Information
Dublin Airport
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For anyone flying in, getting into the city is a doddle. There's a million buses that'll do the trick.
If you're going on a one day over and back trip, I suggest the €6 All Day Rambler. You can get the 747 to the centre of the city, wander about as you please and be able to head back that night.
If you're taking two days or more, the top link is to a very affordable and rather nice hotel. Sure if only a few come, I can see about putting you up, otherwise feel free to have a bed and breakfast on the Ripley Court. Walking directions have been included because well....shush I was bored and it seemed like a good idea. Also available is the three day Freedom of the City bus ticket at €25 which will get you from the airport and back, give access to Dublin bus tours and is also good for regular routes. If you're here for beer, games and GOA, two one day ramblers is better.

Anyone in Dublin/Ireland, you'll be able to find your way. Tail end of the Temple Bar area, 'nuff said.

There's also a Games Workshop in the area if we all feel like descending upon them for whatever reason. GOA's offices are in a dark mysterious place deep in the middle of somewhere that was boring, we can ignore those.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info!

And our office is boring anyway. Much better to meet up somewhere fun ;)

arbitrary said...


Ardua said...

Whomever thought green and orange is a good colour scheme should be smote.

Anonymous said...

As an FYI... if you decide to go by boat, there's a deal where you can get a train to Holyhead (you know, if you're coming from England and don't drive) for about £25.

Guess what I'm probably doing :D

Ardua said...

For extra win, in keeping with Sareinis idea, I used to work with Stena line and my father worked for them. I'm sure a wee boat trip to guide everyone (rather pointlessly) across the water can be done. Im looking for an excuse to use the ship. They sell Toffifees. I love those things.

Tufmudda said...

That GoA office is in a desolate spot all right.

Hopwfully I will be able to come along as I live in Dublin.

Tufmudda said...

In Fact I just offered a place on the floor to any Karak Hirn palyers hwo might pop along.