Friday, January 30, 2009

Hit the polls!

Nic over at GOA has asked me for some Warhammer Fantasy battling.

How can I say no to that?

Well... plenty of ways. I've never played tabletop WHFB. I've always been more of a 40k nut (NECRONS!). I'm lousy at painting (Necrons are metal, done). I don't have an army (good reason that one).

Still, that's all just blathering. I'm going to pick up a set of paints and the Battle for Skull Pass set.
The plan is to build an army slowly, skirmish at first and build up to massive battles.

To that end, I ask you. What army should I play properly?

Two added questions. Given that I am a lousy painter and generally better on computers than with putty...
Should I a) use one of my two Collectors Edition Orc models or b) attempt to model one of my WAR characters for use in the army?


Anonymous said...

I voted Greenskins, mainly because you have your Collector's Edition models but also because, since you said you were starting off trying to build a skirmish force and growing from there, it's best to have something that's can be tough while only having a few models. As fun as Skaven, Tomb Kings and Undead are, they need *big* units.

(All this I know from Mr sareini, who has held court many times teaching me about his various armies.)

Anonymous said...

Dwarves, as if there was a question?

Anonymous said...

I'm not voting because I rather like living. ;)

That and I know zero about tabletopping and the pros/cons of each group or the rules.

Anonymous said...

High elf! Be comfortable with your masculinity!

Ardua said...

Since when has having an informed opinion ever helped or hindered people from messing with me? :P

Anonymous said...

Aye I say high Elf as well, I played High Elvf against Dwarfs a couple of weeks ago and the Dwarfs made High Elf soup of my army... so I'll play Dwarfs then ;)

Anonymous said...

See I'd say High Elf because you know I'm a sucker for pretties. Though they might be a royal pain to paint, I'm sure the results would be awesome!

Though I see Nic@GOA has an insidious plot. (Psst. Inside voice! Inside voice!)

There's a post in the [US] Herald from last year about how to paint the CE miniature. It might have some pointers for ya, Ardy.

Ardua said...

Oh I know how to paint. I also live near enough to a GW shop.

I just stink. Boy do I stink.

We'll see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Do you mean this guide written by us?

I was lucky enough to be given the other miniature he painted.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, only just noticed it was written by the GOA Team ( TARGET="new">linky). I am observant!

I don't remember the Archmage post making it to the NA Herald. Sad... the figure is really pretty! I'd be inclined to try painting up my Shadow Warrior Zylashiir except I don't move that fast with paint (after reading the shading rundown). Even my Grumlok figure will likely remain his metal-y self in my CE box for years to come.

*spams Ardy's comment section*

Magnus said...

I happen to sit on a full unit of Orc Boyz. I painted them some three years ago and I've since given up on ever completing a Greenskin army. Under the condition that you'd use them to kick Nic's ass on the field, I'd happily give them to you!


starbreaker said...

I play Dwarfs in WHFB. They have no speed, but can take hits (Ironbreakers for the win) and have great range.

- Empire also has great range power if your good with gussing distance. Sitback, shoot and counter assult armies are done really well with Empire and Dwarf.

- Orcs and Goblins are pretty easy to paint. You have the option of swarming with goblins, or buffing up with Black Orc's. If you got that mini from the special ed W.A.R. then I'd say go with Goblins! Goblins are more squishy, but SO much fun to play. I love fighting against Goblin's!

-elves... yeah, I play dwarfs, what more need be said.

All in all, go with what appeals to you.

Anonymous said...

Do you really need to ask how I voted? :)