Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Squeal like a wage slave.

Ive been working hard as of late. Due to my shambling in near enough 6 o clock I've neglected things like blogging and so on.

Still time for an update.

  • My laptop died :( It can possibly be repaired and I hope so. I've alot of memories invested in and saved on it.
  • I have gone up to a higher wage in work.
  • I got my father and my brother jobs with me, and then my father goes and gets hired by a sales place that turned me down:P Go figure.
  • I have set my mind to visiting Canada after the repeat exams this August. I have things to do and people to visit and look funny at.
  • I have decided its time for new technology. I want a Creative Zen Micro and a Sony Vaio laptop.

That is about it for the real life aspect of everything. Online? Well nothing much though each day the urge to write a science fiction story grows. I resist though as I know in my heart it would be rubbish.

Still I'll try to update more.

1 comment:

L1l17h said...

oooooh laptops that die are sooooooo annoying!!! :(
hope ye get yerself another one soon ;p