Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Busy bunny

I have been a busy bunny.

Between working 6 day weeks and spending my hours of relaxation reading, gaming and talking to Shannon, I have really neglected any blogging I used to do. This is quite likely to change when Shannon gets here as I am probably going to game less but natter more.

That would be the time for the news of course.

  • Shannon is all booked up and due here in June
  • Work continues well with a new task opening up on our nations roads.
  • Sarah may be visiting after exam times
  • I really need to sit down with a calendar, calculator and a plan to figure out when and how I shall visit Canada.

Beyond that there isnt anything wild or wonderful in my life at the moment. Not that I am complaining, I'll leave that off for when I wish to blog about nonsense.

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