Friday, March 17, 2006

Nowt so strange as folk.

[00:16] Jonathan: I, a telephone interviewer, was doing my job. My subject agreed to be interviewed. I, a telephone interviewer, began my oral/aural questionaire. The respondant, a male in later life, a farm man to be sure claimed not to know of B.O.C gases (his own supplier) during the standard "do you know who is in the market" question.

[00:17] Hope: lol, ok.

[00:17] Jonathan: I, beleiving the fault lay with me, as apparently those with more regional accents seem to beleive I occasionally say B L C instead of B O C, I changed tack and actually called out the full name of the company and its full original name.

[00:17] Jonathan: The respondant, still on a phone interview, claimed not to know the name on the grounds that he was......... illiterate.

[00:18] Jonathan: Having not actually asked him to read anything, I in a moment of confusion asked him to hang on a brief moment while I consulted the supervisor

[00:18] Jonathan: instead I got "oh ye bollox. cant ye just piss off and leave me be?"

[00:18] Hope: lol!! [00:19] Hope: Aww.

[00:19] Hope: Poor Jonathan.

[00:19] Jonathan: I was more bemused than offended.

[00:19] Jonathan: How the hell is a lack of literacy a valid arguement against an over the phone spoken interview?

[00:19] Hope: I suppose it must have sounded pretty funny.

[00:20] Jonathan: and if it is so bad that it renders you unable to understand who is supplying you Oxy Acetaline, used for welding, how in the name of sweet zombie jesus did you get a mobile phone

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