Monday, February 23, 2009

All things Warhammer

How's it going folks?

I know, I know. I've been quiet lately (blame work). As such an update is in order.

First up, Bregel and Zylashiir of the Oathkeepers Legacy are finally together (awwww) and all set up. This is rather important.
I've had plenty of time to play games lately. I've a villain duo with Sephorus on City of Villains. My wife and I still have a duo on City of Heroes, and recently a duo I have with a good friend hit 50 and they've rerolled.

WAR though.... WAR is best in groups. In mobs. In rampaging armies.
I've no problem wandering through quests and pqs by myself or with random public groups to get the job done and get myself levels. But for the battle, for the fights and for the moments of complete win, it's better with friends. Failing that, with a warband to be in and another to fight.
So with them back, Leggit and Orrekai are pushing up the ranks again.

On the subject of Orrekai. It seems Dwarves are incapable of percieving anything above their own head height when there's Orcs about. Bregel is a fine Ironbreaker. I'm told I'm not a bad Rune Priest.
How then do I explain the fact that our Archmage and Shadow Warrior ended up buried under a mountain of Greenskins?
....There were Orcs to be killin....what'd you expect? And you better believe I can cause some serious AoE trouble.

On to the other war. Warhammer Fantasy!
The Battle for Skull Pass arrived today. Tomorrow I'll be swinging near the GOA offices and eventually tracking down NicGOA. He's getting Dwarves, I'm getting Greenies. Hopefully in a week or two I should have enough assembled and painted (badly) to blog a battle report!

GOA Meet March 9th.
Seems that Dublin Bus (rightly so) has stepped up its industrial action. There are to be no city buses from Sunday the 1st of March until.... some time. It could be that buses are running when everyone is here to meet the lads. It could be that the city is whimpering and curled up in the corner due to no transport. Either way, mark it in the calendar. It's happening!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

GOA Meet Travel Advisory

The RTÉ has this little story about Dublin Bus. The up, down and sideways of the issue aside, anyone coming to Dublin on March 9th for the GOA meet or leaving on the 10th (I'm looking at you Arb) should keep an eye on developments.

That said, for getting to and from the airport, there is still the Aircoach. For getting around the city, well it's small enough really and there's also the Luas.

Thankfully the bar chosen for the meeting is in the Temple Bar last I checked, so just a wee walk away from where the Aircoach would leave any of our would be invaders.

More on this as it becomes available and if it becomes terribly relevant, so far we'll just have to take a little more time and enjoy the chaos of a city without its main bus service. Personally till I remembered I was taking that day off, I had planned to walk to work to be amused by the traffic.

Night of Murder Post Mortem

Another short entry.

Partially to amuse people, partially to remind myself to bloody write damnit.

The Night of Murder ran from Feb 5th-16th. I only got home on the eve of the 7th. I had pretty much a week (except for Valentines day, yes I did all that) to play it and to my own shame, I didn't do much.

Why am I bothered? This was far easier to earn influence for than Kegs End. I got to the second reward on Leggit quite easily before it occured to me to try and do it all on my Dwarves who sadly got nowt.

What did everyone else think of the automated killmails? Personally I quite enjoyed getting my head sent to me in the mail. It gave me a goal, find that guy and kill him (I managed it). It gave me a pocket item, which I always enjoy having. It gave me a reason to charge blindly into my foes screaming as only a Goblin can...
..well I never need a reason for that last one, no matter who I am playing.

I'm not bothered that I missed out on an item that I can't use till level 35. As it is, I am going to have to get off my arse and get back to work on Orrekai. I've dawdled too long at 29.

In WAR related news, the official forums are there for people with active US accounts. Which I have, despite being a Euro. So far there's nothing in the healer forum, but I hope that will change soon. Granted when I say nothing, I mean literally nothing. No posts at all.
*makes eyes at the GOA guys for a EuroForum account so he can be globally nosey*

The Good

The lovely Sareini pointed me to a site a little while ago. It's called Gifts for Geeks. It says it is an Authorised Retailer for the Games Workshop.

What does this mean in practice? It means that I went and got the Battle for Skull Pass box set and paint set (with even more Goblins) for a price, including shipping, that is still €10 cheaper than the basic box in GW Liffey Street.

What does that mean in practice? That means ladies and gents that Ardy is go for getting a Warhammer army up and ready to take on NicGOA.

Now to the bad news for some.
I'm going Greenskins.

The poll results are actually 36% voted for Dwarfs (I love you all) and 30% for Orcs. However the offer of models from Magnus over in GOA, Nic himself, Mr Sareini and the models that I'll have in the box means a nigh 1000pt army from the word go. Which is far better than what I'd be at relying solely on the boxed Dwarves.

There we have it then. Despite online my heart belonging to the Dwarf side, my first WHFB army will be Greenskins.
Still could be worse. I could be trying to launch back into 40k. The world doesn't need another Necron player does it? (Speaking of which, anyone up for some Dark Crusade/Soulstorm?)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Catching up

I forgot to mention I was back.

I'm back. Yaaaay.

So while I catch up on work, cleaning and the blogosphere, bear with me. Hopefully I'll be back to blathering inanely soon.

In other news, I've ordered the Warhammer stuff (more on that sooner than the previous soon) and should be ready to field an army within a month. I say a month because I really am an awful painter.