Monday, June 30, 2008

Legion : Tracking

Welcome to Red-Ex, where X marks the spot
Login : crtyind
Password : ########

... ... ... login confirmed

Track item : 456821937-d

Item shipped!

Last scan : Independance Port

Destination : Mercy Island

Despite all the tracking systems in the world, regardless of all the positional data available, no matter what information is given, sooner or later, everything shipped enters a Heisenberg state.

You either know exactly where it is, and it isn't moving, or you haven't a clue where your post or parcel has gone, but it's definitely in motion.

Passive sensors were kept running throughout the shipping process, but the package only awoke on the ship after the echoes of the first shot had died away.
Someone was on board the vessel. Someone who was clearly armed and .... may delay delivery!

The Sky Raiders had come across the ship as it passed reasonably close to Striga, and that made it fair game. Rumours of new technologies on board and headed to Arachnos made it irresistable.
They simply made the mistake of delaying the package.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Legion : Information gathering

###Unit 63 Online###
>> Monitoring registered user
>Monitoring television

...Feed active

"And today in Steel Canyon, the Hellions gang have tried once more to set several buidlings bordering the financial district alight. They were thwarted by a number of he"
"umours abound of a creature in the lake in Salamanca. This reporter stopped a passing hero to ask about the truth of the matter, but was left facing a large mutant dog as she disappeare"
"ro Corps! When you need a hero long term and always on hand. We can provide vetted and insu"
"Now on Vox Movies, FRANKENSTEINS Brother!"

"Ooo! Monsters yay!"

...Feed disabled. Registered user requesting snack.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This simple basement is lit up like a galaxy. Stars twinkle here and there, glowing in the darkness, winking in and out of view. It is no light display however. A gaze that could penetrate the dark would spy squat forms moving here and there. Eyesockets glowing and giving the impression of stars in a field of sky.

This is where the Robo-Buddies sleep, or what passes for sleep in these bizzare creations.

Unit 1 remains active at all times. The prototype, and the central controller. This is the source of all the directives, all the models, all the ranks of supposedly cute robotic companions. In this AI core, information leaps and dances like a thing alive. Only now, there is a blip in the data. An error to correct.

AIcre Unit1-A Cmd Mdl >> Directive update >> All units >> All models
>Etoile Islands now declared viable source of revenue. Mk II unit with stealth function and Staticplay system dispatched as pathfinder.
>>Network intrusion detected from Grandville. Countermeasures employed. . . .
>>>Credit Card registered to Stefan Richter sucessfully debited $799.99. Mk I (v3.2 upgradable programming model) dispatched to Arachnos Shipping & Receiving, Mercy Island.
>>>>Mk I series Unit 63 reports variable density mace toy effective in promotional advertising. Mk I units with Mace sold separately directed to obtain substitute.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kids at play

To start with I suppose I should pimp the link in the title. Tis to one of my new favourite sites, and an article on EVE Online.

I was in McDonalds the other day with Shannon and there was a small party of kids that arrived. I don't know if it was just a group that reserved the bright kiddy area or actually a birthday, but it's not relevant. The kids started playing make believe, as they are given to doing. They were, as near as I can tell, playing School, with one child as the teacher. The others had to put their hands up to ask questions and speak and so on.

After reading the article linked, I remembered that game and games I used to play as a kid. Then I got to thinking about the supergroups I am in, in City of Heroes.

Obviously we're given to heirarchies. Children will assemble themselves behind a leader, games will follow rules and in teams, someone is invariably in charge.

So what then is the best way to organise an MMO guild or governing body? Is it the popularity vote (Which in the EVE example, only 11% of the playerbase voted)? Is it through rules and regulations and an edifice people can work for and around? Is it through sheer force of personality?

I'm hoping to take a quite active part in the guilds in Warhammer Online, and it seems that little guilds are just as useful and worthwhile as larger ones.
So what way to go about it?

Shall we all just play kids games and see who takes charge day to day for fun?
How would you organise a guild?

Monday, June 23, 2008


Time to get back to blogging.

A recap for anyone who doesn't know.

My name is Jonathan. I'm an internet geek from Ireland. I've a wonderful girlfriend (and soon to be more) Shannon. We've been going out 5 years now, the entire time no less than 3000 miles apart.
I enjoy Warhammer, City of Heroes, Warhammer 40k, MMO society, science fiction books, fantasy books, popular science books, physics, astronomy, travelling, chatting, going to the cinema and making everything sound like a personals ad*.

So, that's the quickie recap to me.
Now to remember to blog constantly.

*= Not really

Email post thingie test

And a big old rawr for the test.

Geek out

Preparations continue for Warhammer Online.

I have an interview with GOA this Friday for the english GM position for WAR : Europe \o/
I've read 6 of the what... 9 Gotrek and Felix books and started in on Malus Darkblade (soon to be followed by Heldenhammer)
I downloaded all the old Warhammer RP books thanks to Cryo, and I'm looking into some means of obtaining a code for the Skaven skin cloak.

Suffice to say, my geeking out is in progress well and truly.

With regards City of Heroes. Assuming I leave the moment WAR is out, that'd be October. That also happens to be my personal 4 year point in CoX (though not the 48 month badge as I did miss the occasional payment).

Hopefully I'll have met my personal goals by then.
One of every blueside AT at 50.
(Peacebringer, Warshade, Scrapper, Tanker, Controller, Defender, Blaster)
One redside 50 and Veats unlocked.

So far I have four of the seven blue 50s. I have a Warshade at 41 and a Scrapper at 42. The hardest one for me, oddly given my playstyle of lawlnuke, will be the blaster.
As for the evil side of things, 12 more levels. 12 wee levels.

Time to get the thumb out.