Thursday, January 25, 2007


Its that time again. Bullet point blogging for teh win!

  • Shannon has a new blog open that I suggest ye visit.
  • Tabula Rasa beta is now open for applications. Mmmm NcSoft.
  • Chris in work, well Im covering for him for two weeks as he and his girlfriend have recently become parents. Grats to them for sucessful spawning.
  • I am a tired bunny.
  • Shannon is coming back this summer for a visit and we hope to have a nice italian break ourselves. More below.

Because Shannon and I are well... lets say anal, we plan ahead sometimes for the bizzarest things. We now have all our summers planned up to 2010, but not the Winters. So this summer she is coming back to Ireland and we are going to have hopefully two lovely months together with a break in Italy to see the sights. Next year we're doing separate things for the most part, so anyone in North America who wants me to visit, do yell. 2010 we're coming back to Europe for a history type trip. Again, anyone who wants in, feel free to shout.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Another one down

The new year came. Here I am.

Shannon recently celebrated her birthday and now its my turn. Woo for 24. I think.

In other news, some things that I shall see to this year.
  • Vacation to Italy with Shannon
  • New job (B&A is great but I need something more stable/more money)
  • Make college rue the day. RUE!
  • Get Ardua to 50
  • Get Final Fantasy 1-4 for the DS.
  • Destroy any and all who stand in my way for the Tabula Rasa beta.
  • Study
  • Examine the posibilty of if not a Christmas in Canada, certainly some form of winter flyby to hug sg mates.
  • Improve my lot or else.