Friday, January 30, 2009

Back in a bit

Just a heads up. Ardy is off to Rome for a week.

Don't while I'm gone.

Hit the polls!

Nic over at GOA has asked me for some Warhammer Fantasy battling.

How can I say no to that?

Well... plenty of ways. I've never played tabletop WHFB. I've always been more of a 40k nut (NECRONS!). I'm lousy at painting (Necrons are metal, done). I don't have an army (good reason that one).

Still, that's all just blathering. I'm going to pick up a set of paints and the Battle for Skull Pass set.
The plan is to build an army slowly, skirmish at first and build up to massive battles.

To that end, I ask you. What army should I play properly?

Two added questions. Given that I am a lousy painter and generally better on computers than with putty...
Should I a) use one of my two Collectors Edition Orc models or b) attempt to model one of my WAR characters for use in the army?

Slayers: A Reason.

This one is for you T.

In Karak Kadrin there is a very special Slayer. Specifically the King Ungrim Ironfist. Long long ago there was a Dwarf King who undertook the Oath of the Slayer. He did the normal, shaved his hair, spiked the rest, tattoos. The lot of it.

Unfortunately, his oath of kingship came first. He couldn't well abandon his rule and his people. So then the original king passed on this grudge and this Slayer Oath to all his descendants. Ungrim Ironfist is a King first, a Slayer second. He cannot simply throw away his duty for an honorable death.

Now we have Slayers in the Age of Reckoning. Dwarfs join the Oathbearers. From the Armies of WAR page:

Such was the importance of their task; any Dwarf wishing to join the Oathbearers
would be required to swear an oath to the High King himself.

Any Oathbearer active, has sworn their service to the High King. Any Dwarf who shamed themselves while in said service could become a Slayer. In this way you can argue for Slayers for the game. They fight, recklessly as they would, but accept aid from the others because they've not yet fulfilled the oath. To see the Doomstrikers forged and the armies ranged against all Dwarfs fought.

The best (or worst) Slayers grow in power. They can't just commit suicide and be freed of the shame. They have to always improve in skill and power. They are supposed to seek the toughest foes and greatest evils to fight an epic battle. One that will destroy them and wipe away the shame.

You know... that or Mythic can just say they've popped over from the Slayer keep.
"'Ere lads, go smack up those armies. Live long enough and you'll get a fine axe and we'll go invade the Inevitable City"

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Eeeeveryone else is mentioning what I was a little slow on getting.

Slayers and Choppas. AXE FOR ALL!

Also, three live events, a new zone, new scenario and other new newnews.

I would have preferred the Hammerer, but hey. AXE!

Final countdown

It's 29/01

Or 01/29 if you're from Americaland.

The big news comes today. Is it actually the Choppa and Slayer? Are they toying with us? Will it be something else entirely?

Why'd I have to be busy today?

Monday, January 26, 2009

GOA Meet, March 9th

Cheap Accomodation
Rough Directions
Bus Fare Information
Dublin Airport
Ardys Twitter

For anyone flying in, getting into the city is a doddle. There's a million buses that'll do the trick.
If you're going on a one day over and back trip, I suggest the €6 All Day Rambler. You can get the 747 to the centre of the city, wander about as you please and be able to head back that night.
If you're taking two days or more, the top link is to a very affordable and rather nice hotel. Sure if only a few come, I can see about putting you up, otherwise feel free to have a bed and breakfast on the Ripley Court. Walking directions have been included because well....shush I was bored and it seemed like a good idea. Also available is the three day Freedom of the City bus ticket at €25 which will get you from the airport and back, give access to Dublin bus tours and is also good for regular routes. If you're here for beer, games and GOA, two one day ramblers is better.

Anyone in Dublin/Ireland, you'll be able to find your way. Tail end of the Temple Bar area, 'nuff said.

There's also a Games Workshop in the area if we all feel like descending upon them for whatever reason. GOA's offices are in a dark mysterious place deep in the middle of somewhere that was boring, we can ignore those.

One of those annoucement posts.


Ladies and Gents. Dawi and pansy Elves. Chaos filth and Uruk scum. I bid you welcome. March 9th The Book of Grudges and GOA are having a get together. Seeing as they're having it in my city (yes, I own all of Dublin, get your mitts off) I will of course be there. More importantly, I am here as well. So anyone with any questions about accomodation, travel, dates, times, location, squigs, food and anything else can feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Age Of Blogging!

The Age of Blogging continues! Blogs for the Blogroll!
Click the wee picture to the side or my Age of Blogging post link to get involved.
A little note to the new folks on Blog Warhammer. I was double xping. I will be doing that thing that I do on the site shortly.


Where will you be? Me? I'll be in work. However time difference works in my favour. If Mythic decide to delay till after lunch, yours truly will be at home while America works. Anyone who wants can follow me, or any of the bloggers, on Twitter for the news as we get it.

My City Weekend.

This weekend just gone it was Double Xp weekend in City of Heroes.
As much as I love Warhammer, I do still play in the City with Shannon and others and really... double xp? How can you not?

A little recap of the achievements.

Robo-Buddy Mk III (Crab Spider) went from 47 to 50, making him my 6th 50.
Tempestas Silex (Controller) went from 46 to 48, on the cusp of 49. Two more levels and the great staminaless duo (a conversation for another time) will hit 50.
Specialist Mitchell (Shield Tank) went from 21 and a bit to 31ish. I say ish because Shannon is at home, playing the last of DXP and our Specialists are using level pact. It is entirely possible that I could log in when I get home and hit 32.
[Breaking news : Ding 32]

A few other characters got some work, including my scrapper and Warshade.

DXP weekends are always food for thought. Seph for one DXP weekend thought ahead and made sure to buy in groceries and dinners that could be cooked quickly to ensure minimal downtime due to food. His lovely other half Erin also got plenty of xp that day.
I myself made sure to have snacks on hand, no plans and a clear idea of who I wanted to get where in the grand scheme of things.
Then there's folks (who shall remain nameless) in the coalition who all but drove themselves into the ground. Missing sleep, missing meals and practically making themselves sick... all because of double the normal reward.

City of Heroes isn't that hard any more. It really isn't. Without doing the crotchety old guy schtick, when I started, debt was a big deal. Missions were worth the same as random mobs in the street. You slogged to 14 (travel power), then to 20 (Stamina), six slotted it to squeeze the best out of it and rejoiced at 22 when you got Single Origin enhancements.

Now there are Yin-Os and IOs. There are missions to get a travel power from level 5. There is patrol xp, rewarding you with faster levelling for taking a break and more besides. Yet people organise their weekends around these events and others.

Is it good to see?
Yes and no.

One or two Double Xp weekends a year is all you should have. Any more and the novelty is undone. Also you want people to keep playing your game, if it was DXP the last weekend of every month, everyone would hit the cap with very little effort in very little time. People are everywhere, work is done. It's a good time for most.
The dark side is of course the people who will play insane hours to their own detriment or the inevitable complaints from people who can't play. DXP regularly puts Virtue server in the red and unstable. It population locks Freedom Server. You can imagine what the boards look like after a crash or an inability to log in.

I had a good weekend. But I wouldn't do it often.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Catching up

A quick recap for both me and for anyone reading.

First. January 29th. Stick it in the calendar. Big things are coming.
Second. Bloggers, I shall be catching up shortly. Though I'm enjoying the idea from Arb with regards villages and such.
Third and most important. Go to the Book of Grudges my little euros. Go now and vote about a Eurogettogether for GOA/Mythic/Us.

My recap.
Guests are lovely. For a bit. You can have one person for ages, or lots for a few days. Never try to have 6 for a week.

And in my highlight, I did that Marriage instance thing with Shannon and all we got were lousy bind on equip rings. Someone needs to check the loot tables.

\o/ WIN!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Age of Blogging Continues!

Just a quick note on the Age of Blogging.

We've now infiltrated the Warhammer Grab Bag!

Hop on over to Blog Warhammer for more on blogging about WAR.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Oh! Blogroll!

Stolen liberally from Blog Warhammer because I'm a moderator and I can :P

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Respect Thy Enemy.

A blog post in progress. Or rather, I'm half asleep and sure I'll become annoyed with my ramble later. Enjoy for now.

I am not saying you need to like your enemy. This is Warhammer. You don't even have to like your allies, neighbours or friends. They're all likely heretics, mutants or Elves anyway.

I do however have a current problem with disrespect. There is a side in this battle. They have many members who constantly insult their opposition. Call them derogatory names. Belittle their intelligence and resolve.
It's Order on Ostermark.

I mentioned previously a tactic that consists of breaking into a keeps inner doors and weakening them to the point of failure before backing off (in good order I might add). I've not seen it since, but then again I've not been playing nearly as much. Perhaps the ringleaders on Destruction have hit T4. Perhaps it's a tactic for later hours than mine.
Now Seph has stated that a guild on Ostermark-Order has used it, and it was his understanding that it tended only to crop up in guild-only or guild-majority warbands. That too could be true.

However having the ability to get 20 some odd rampaging characters to fight to a point and then break off? That's something worth admiring. The "legality" or fairness of the tactic aside. Sucessfully pulling it off is, to me, an achievement.

Why then do alot of Order players feel superior to Destruction? You didn't sucessfully defend, they sucessfully left. You didn't rout them, they've another objective in mind.
I've alot of respect for Destruction but I will still play the role of my character. Defeated Orcs and Goblins get laughed at. Defeated Elves aren't worthy of attention. Bloody manlings get a bit of glare (Allied manlings and Elves typically rate a glare as well, depending). However, that doesn't mean I think they aren't worthy of my time.

Shittalk is one thing. Bragging about what you have done and how easily the others fell before you? If they did, go right ahead. Calling Destruction names because you can't bring them to the battle? I'm sorry, in that instance, even if every zone is locked for blue, they're better because they're playing a game above you.

Order needs to grow up substantially.

Destruction are the enemy and I love them for it. They are the bar, they aren't there for ridicule, they're there for me to do better than. They are an enemy worth our while. Stop insulting them, you only insult your own side.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Armor Addendum

You know... it's like life plans these things out.

"Oh Ardy is ambivalent about the Devestator Set" ... "Oh he likely will ignore it and use WarDB to plan something else or get the oRvR stuff"

So Ardy helps take a keep and goes to the vendor. There's the Runemantle. Teasing me. Buy me. I'm only 8 Gold.


Then to make matters worse, the next keep? I manage to snag #1 contribution. Devestator Skullcap.

Now I have to go find the last piece. Curses.

Dawi's got a brand new bag

What do you wear?

Werit recently got his Annihilator set on his engineer a ways up in t4. Orrekai my Rune Priest recently got the title, Captain of Consignments. What this means is I have the Tracker and Stalker sets. I also have the Decimator set and am working on my Devestator. Norri my Engineer, down in T2, has the Tracker set and two bits of the Obliterator set.

Now, here's the thing. By the time I got to getting the tracker pieces, I had outleveled most of them, but wore them out of an idea that the buffs were worth it somehow. By the time I got myself the Stalker set, well I had again outleveled bits, was wearing some of the oRvR stuff and have even more of it ready and waiting for my next renown level.

This introduces a problem. T4 beckons my friends and myself. Alot of us are 31-28 and ready to rock. A few others are just a tiny bit behind. Should we intentionally Auction/grind for the purposes of getting a particular set or should we continue to hodgepodge?
Even if we all decided we'd be the Oathbearers Legacy all outfitted in Annihilator armor... we're not like Werit. He's kept his rank and renown rank even. I'm in a position myself where they arent too far off (28/26). I'm unsure about the others in the guild, but one I know (yes you, you arrow throwing Elf) has a rather large gap between rank and renown.

We've all come from City of Heroes were there is no armor and life is simpler. There's not the added restriction of "Why yes, you're high enough level to wear this...but you're just not badass enough. Get more renown".

Should we all pause on the cusp of T4 and plan what to do to maximise potential?

I think not. If the wood flinging elf isn't getting much rvr done, so be it. We'd not exclude. If the talkative heretic hunter is constantly rank and renown matched, there's an advantage, but only in that certain options exsist but others may not.

Werit has done fantastic and now looks it on his engineer.
But would he have been 40 by now if he wasnt getting the renown up? Or does it come so thick and fast later that we cannot all help but take our levels in badass?

Me? I'm going to continue having fun in the manner I see fit. Right now, that happens to be making a nuisance of myself in oRvR. It has benefits and if my friends come along, it's better again. If not, well we can all go PvEing.
I just need to shake this armor habit.

Shifting lines

How quickly can lines shift? How quickly can an almost complete victory shift into an almost total rout?

Apparently as long as it takes me to sleep.

Before going to bed last night, T3 Ostermark was a battle zone. We had two warbands of Order (Including Relaenas first big taste of running a warband in that tier) versus likely two of the same. Cue either Duel of Fates or the Benny Hill theme depending on the particular time of the battle.

The main shift, the focus of the "endgame" was tier 4. Before Orrekai said his goodbyes and I took myself off to sleep, Order had locked Praag, Thunder Mountain and Dragonwake. Dragonwake was especially nice to see as from my understanding of what filters down on OrderRvR its been one hell of a battle lately.
This morning, Praag remains in the righteous/bloody manling/sissy elf hands of Order. Dragonwake is contested once again.
Dwarf Versus Greenskin though has gone from a reasonably long lock on Thunder Mountain with action in Black Crag to a push all the way back to Kadrin Valley.

Only time will tell if the t4 folks will swing back just as hard. On the bright side though, being Rank 28 (rr26) I can hop up there and join in if there's a real big push going on. Not that I will be terribly useful, but I seem to make my presence felt on occasion.

Back to T3 and what went on last night.

Tactics. The most efficient win. The most bang for your buck.

When do good tactics become poor gameplay? Some people complain about being ganked when they were unprepared. Sometimes by higher characters, other times when they were in the middle of a mob. On paper though, that's entirely fair. You are at war, war won't stop for breaks or niceities. You kill the other guy when you can, as hard as you can.

Rambling related story. I wanted my pistol on Norri as previously mentioned and to begin with I was in Dwarf Chapter 6 in the Marshes of Madness. One of the Versus PQs. Who will get to stage II first? Well... the Dwarves were always going to win this one. There were three of us and none of them. Then there was one, a Squig Herder.
Me feeling playful, I flagged and taunted the squig loving Grobi. I never honestly expected him to flag back, after all I had 7 levels on him and we were no were near the lake. No bolster for the mushroom gobbler.
He waited till I was busy with some mobs and he went for it. Ganker? No. Good sense.
Did it work? Ehhh no. Unfortunately for him I was much higher as mentioned and I could take what the pve mobs were throwing, so I dealt with the greater risk. Three times.

Don't look at me like that, I never expected the fight, I was being silly. He gave it his best shot though and always looked for opportunities against me. He just happened to get beaten.

So now I got to experience something I am told is quite the topic on forums. RvDoor I think someone called it.
Warband runs up, warband fights tooth and nail to breach the first door and fights twice as hard to lay siege against the second door and then... leaves. Just like that the assaulting force packs up and legs it. A victory some think. Defense in the face of overwhelming odds, we broke their spirit etc etc.

No... they weakened the inner door and then left. And now they're doing it to another door somewhere else.

This was the start of the evening for me yesterday. Relaena, Walton of the Templars and myself went to kill a hero for my Stalker set and happened to run into goings on. We joined in. Orlun (Witch hunter) was running a band, and as previously mentioned Relaena ended up with one as well. Destruction would show up somewhere. Fight as hard as they could in the face of defense if there was any and then evaporate just before breaking through. Other times while we were busy recapturing battle objectives or locking zones they would take other keeps. Many complained.

Personally I admired. It's a clever tactic. It keeps us wrong footed and off balance. You cant defend everywhere at all times. People always want to clump up into bigger and bigger groups. Relaena told me though that once, at an ungodly hour, two people managed to duo a keep from start to finish. If half the work has already been done by weakening the doors, well that just makes it easier. Two full warbands can become four half strength ones with just enough muscle to quickly convert a few keeps all over the place.

Apparently the damage can be undone by Archmages or Warrior priests in T3 by targetting the door and the ram pad and using particular skills which boil down to "I hit you, so the door feels better". Later Tanks get a skill I am told to properly repair doors, but it will only ever come into play up in the top tier. Repairing it is tedious but leaving it that way is dangerous.

So my hats off to Destruction. From a personal point of view, playing the game and wanting to fight, it's annoying. They appear to run every time the fight gets to fever pitch. From a tactical point of view, and remember we're all in this war to win, it is genius. They can come back at any time, strike any keep and have done most of the work before.
Order claims it is above such practices, but how long until I find myself in a band where that is the modus operandi?

The late part of that evening showed me another type of shifting line. What to do in a big big bust up.
The answer is run around like a lunatic until something half baked works or until something occurs to whomever shouts loudest (apparently me at times).

Our two warbands headed for Stoneclaw Castle in High Pass to take it back. We ran into two Destruction warbands headed the other way as they stopped to take Ogrunds Tavern. Hilarity ensued.
First it was a fight to maintain our hold. Come into the tavern, dont come in. Fight in front, try and flank. Everyone rally and move together, yes we know half of you are dead. Rez me rez me rez me, oh you're dead. Well rez me anyway.
Then it was a desperate fight to take back the point in three minutes, a fight we likely wouldnt win because well... they stuffed a warband and a bit inside the tavern. Cue new objective, keep them in the tavern and slaughter them as they leave.

It was total chaos and for me at least, exhaustingly fun. So much changed so rapidly. Geography broke lines of sight and made for rdps hills. Order partially zerged on the basis that you could spit and hit the warcamp. Several times Destruction was treated to a kamikaze Rune Priest if only because it made me laugh (and Rune of Battle wasnt going to kill them but I like seeing all the pretty numbers). All in all neither side achieved much, well.. they got the tavern but we got the fight people had been complaining about being deprived, and I ended the night satisfied.

Did we retake High Pass on my late watch? No. But we fought hard at times, defended hard at others, I learned some tricks and I got a good laugh. Win or lose, it was fun.
However tonight, time to try win.

A final question though. Those of you who read this and who run or are up there in guilds. Do you think new recruits should read the Art of War? Do you think your guild should instill a sense of honour in always fighting, even if it means certain doom? Or do you play to win?
Know thy enemy or pwn thy enemy?

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Some bits and pieces

You know... I sometimes compose blog entries in my head. What I'll write about, what I won't. What has just occured to me.

It's part of why I am considering chaning my mobile phone so I can try my hand at mobile blogging and actually get those thoughts down when they are thunked.

Blame The Healer has beaten me to one of those topics today. Specifically, the Boon of the Impalpable Tome Tactic.

Farting about yesterday on my Engineer, I was overcome with the urge to get myself a pistol. After much browsing of WarDB I located one below T3. Norri is still 21 and Im happy with him there until such time as Orrekai slows back down or I hit my head off something in T3/T4 and need a break.

As a result I met the Ironbreaker Durndon and a nice Rune Priest Falgrim (or something to that effect, I've gone and forgotten sadly. See why I need to write things down?). Chapter 6 lied to me. It said the epic reward was a handgun. It's still a rifle. Chapter 7 however does have a handgun as the PQ Epic Reward.
The problem is Chapter 7 has only one PQ. It's rated Hard as well.
No matter, I set up my turret and merrily started culling Orcs. After a few run throughs (I can only imagine how the Rune Priest enjoyed it, apart from the odd blip in my health he was free to loot to his hearts content) I finally got my handgun. Seeing as I was in Barak Varr, I decided to visit the Slayer ship and get my tactic. I had long since completed the Wanted part of the tactic when I was out getting my Tracker Armor set. Durndon had stuck with me, so I thought I'd get him the tactic as well. Off we went to talk to the Captain.

For bonus points, or rather for a Tome Unlock, also talk to the First Mate on the ship for the entry on Slayers.

Quick trip over to Ostland, even quicker stomping on the chap we needed. To Altdorf!

At this point I realised a few things. Firstly, there's alot in Altdorf to do that people don't know. They figure it's a high level place or something, I am not entirely sure. So tomorrow, I shall ramble aimlessly about Altdorf.
Secondly, Ostermark has a channel on the Order side of things for co-ordinating open field RvR. /channeljoin OrderRvR to get in on the action. All tiers, all the time. Mostly you'll find t3 or t4 action and after a few days, familiar names at certain times.

Also, has reported on the Age of Blogging initiative. Rock on!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Ostermark and Phoenix Throne

Some quick notes on those servers.

First up, Phoenix Throne is where you'll find me doing Destruction things every so often. I've got myself a Squig Herder by the name of Leggit sitting pretty at 11 and still in love with Squig Armor.
Also the fantastic Bregel from Oathkeepers Legacy gave me (on his Destro alt) the BattleBrew backpack. Man I love that thing.

There'll be a guild up there soon. So anyone who wants to kill Ardy, say hi to Virtue folks from City of Heroes or generally get a blog entry up (along the lines of "Must kill this guy") pop by and say hi.


Still only have three order characters. I've been very well behaved in that regard.
Katrine the Witch Hunter reached 10 and then paused.
Norri Powderkeg, my engineer, is similarly on ice for the moment at level 21.

Orrekai Dalinsson, my main, has been runing his Dwarven ass off over the Christmas break. This has seen me go from what... rank 23 rr 18 or so up to rank 28 rr25 in a very short period. I've also gleefully taken part in more oRvR over the last while than I can ever remember doing before.
To that end, the news from Ostermark.
Last I saw we had both the Chaos Wastes and Black Crag open with a serious push on Dragonwake over the last two days. Thunder Mountain and Praag have been locked for sometime. With any luck, alot of work and some pressure we could be looking at a fortress assault reasonably soon. I'm getting married in 15 days. That entire weekend I wont be available. I have a t4-able character. prediction is Ostermark will siege the Inevitable City the weekend of the 17th :P

Also a quick shout out.
Thanks go to the following Characters for making my oRvR entertaining and constant recently. No particular order.
  • Walton (Ironbreaker)
  • Damiana (Rune Priest)
  • Kaelidan (Ironbreaker)
  • Faulheim (KoBS)
  • Faustred (Bright Wizard)
  • Tyrandell (White Lion)
  • Maligaunt (KoBS)
  • Relaena (Witch Hunter, also blogs. Check out the Forging of Ice and Fire)
  • Amera (Warrior Priest)
  • Gang (KoBS)
  • Devilchild (KoBS with the amusing surname of Poorbastard)
  • many many more in Empire, Dwarf and yes even Elf T3

This weekend, assuming I am not too busy, you'll likely find me trying in vain to kill 14 more Ogre Tyrants and get myself alot of beer kegs. I wont make the Elite Kegs End reward (pity), but by Grimnir, Grungi and Vallaya I will get myself that trophy and fill that list.

Oh and the Rune of Battle mastery ability is my new best friend.

WAR Age of Blogging

Yeah yeah I'm slow.

I looked into this when I was linked (thanks mate) but me being a lazy sod I've been a bit slow off the mark. Bad Ardy, no cookie.

So folks, here's the deal. Pop on over to the blogger community at Blog Warhammer to take part in the initiative.

We want you. Uncle Orky sez so.

Blogs that support WAR: Age of Blogging are: