Monday, August 10, 2009

The Best of Frenemies.

I love my friends, they're my friends after all. I am sure you yourselves also are rather fond of those you call friend. Then there's acquiantances. They're nice folks, handy in a spot, you're friendly/neighbourly with them but you've rarely had them over for a drink.

I've made many good friends in City of Heroes, I've made many more passing ones as well. The first in a series of blog posts about Champions is dedicated to my frenemies.

I ended up going back to City of Heroes for two simple reasons. I couldn't afford two MMOs at the moment and I wanted to play with Shannon more than the people I rarely saw in WAR. (If ever there is US -> EU Transfers, I'd be back in a heartbeat)
There are of course names I recognise, names I love, names I can barely stand and all the flavours in between. Like a good team player, unless I honestly cannot personally stand someone, I will play with whomever. I will try reign in my exuberance (lemming behaviour) and I will play.

Now some people in City of Heroes, I respect. They're good players, or good roleplayers or simply fun to see on the global channels. However, they are the frenemy. They want to try Champions. They want to up sticks and move onto the new game, and that's perfectly fine. They want people we're both friends with to go with them, also fine. Some people will make the move, others won't bother. There'll be a few who spend time equally across heroic games. The problem is this, they want to recreate what they have here in the new game.

That's why they bother me. Instead of going into a new and virgin territory where all are once again equal before their Mods, they want to bring their baggage with them. Friends they've made, people they've snubbed without realising, the stories that they have worked on and the associated bits and pieces that come with roleplaying.

For some it will work, I will honestly say that the Force powerset in Champions is far more like what I originally envisioned City Of Heroes' Forcefield powerset to be. I could be quite happy playing there, but the character I originally created in CoH will not make the move.

Now for some, there is a sense of identity with their avatar. They may use the same name in each game they go to, and that's fine. My complaint here is the wholesale copy/paste behaviour from one game to another.

City of Heroes has life in it yet. Issue 16 is in closed beta right now and Going Rogue looms in the future. There is freshness wherever you want to make it. For any who are finding it stale at the moment I would ask. Is it stale because you've really done everything in every way with every powerset? Or is it stale because you are beholden to passing friends, people whose names you possibly don't even know but who are not evolving with their virtual space?

Moving all the same faces, places and stories into a new game will not invigorate or freshen them, not for long anyway. In the end, I think, you'll have ruined a fresh start at a new you, a new way to be with your friends and a new way to make more.

When you're given the chance to create anything, create.


Terry said...

You make an interesting point.

I do prefer to play with folks I already know and like. Just the way I am.

At the same time, I don't want to head over to Champions and remake Princeps. (Don't even know that I want to hop over to Champions at all. Open beta will be the test) Oh, I might make him up in the Chargen just to see what he'd look like championized, but I don't want to play him. Been there, done that. Time for someone new.

As for exactly recreating what you've got in the other game, well, if it's just a circle of friends to get started with, sure. If you're talking about rebuilding something like the glory days of the Shield, characters, personalities and all, well, that sounds a little dull.

Ardua said...

Sadly that is what I am talking about. There are plans by some folks to recreate portions of the Shield.

It's one thing to have a legacy character, a face you wouldnt mind seeing again, like a Championized Princeps. It's quite another to re-enact the same stories as have gone before in the hopes that the new setting will make them new as well.

Playing with people you know and like, good.
Playing the exact same story every single time, bad.

Terry said...

Hmm. At that point it sounds simpler and cheaper to just write down your memories as a story and save the file. Then you can relive it any time you want, at no cost or effort.

Trying to relive it as a live event sounds like an exercise in futility. You'd just be going through the motions rather than playing and enjoying the stories as they are created.