Thursday, August 27, 2009

Commentapalooza : The Tobolding

For my junk post to inspire comments, I take my lead from Ysharros and I expand upon the point made.

While pie is meh, I posit that this refers only to the American convention of fruit based pies. Cottage Pie and Shepards pie when made well are far superior to mere fruit pie.
Further and to reiterate, Mince Beef and Onion pie is awesome.

However, to grant Ysharros one small boon, my father swears by (oh how I wish it was at) apple pie with cheese on top.
I prefer cheese and peanut butter sandwiches.

For Tobold by the League for Greater Comment Volume. Never mind the quality — feel the width!

League Memebers
Ferrel who hates bloody peasants.
Ysharros wielder of the holy cheese
Syp whom the cheese did not agree with
Rivs who is piloting the breakaway Attention Whore Union
Frank who gives tips and points out he whom we must topple.


Ysharros said...

Hehehehehe! Lovely jubbly.

It vaguely feels like we're channeling Del and Rodney Trotter today, for some reason. This is a good thing.

Ardua said...

Until the car corners wrong. Why can't we have four wheels Del?

Unknown said...

And what is the difference between Cottage and Shepherds pie?
I know btw;)

Scarybooster said...

"American Pie" had a young boy mixing beef with apple pie. I have never tried it, but I heard it's good.

Ferrel said...

I'm pleased to be a part of whatever it is we're doing.

We're advocating more attention right? I like that plan!

Sareini said...

I agree on the subject of minced beef and onion pie - it is indeed teh win.

Frank said...

I have no idea how you people can't feel anything about pie. Ridiculous I say! What about Oreo pie? French Silk?

Slurms said...

Frank, it goes Gummi Bears, then cheese, then cake, then pie. End of story.

Terry said...

French Silk pie, especially that made by my beloved, is heavenly.

To the point that I have had to put a ban on all further production to protect my waistline.