Friday, July 03, 2009

Warhammer Temporal Mechanics

I love Warhammer Online. I really do. I enjoy playing it, I enjoy the setting, I enjoy the times I've had and the loot I've gotten my hands on.

I have not played in the Land of the Dead yet for two simple reasons. My graphics card died silently one night leaving me with what the motherboard cranks out and Shannon came back to City of Heroes. Given a choice between playing with her or playing in a Warband, it's no choice. Also, given the fact that no graphics card means no RvR, it's better not to play and have bad memories. Economic pressures also recently made me pick between the two games I subscribe to and for a while, I have let Warhammer expire.
Then on top of it all, time is an issue.

Recently Nic, one of the fantastic Community guys over at GOA, had a birthday. We were all out for drinks, hugs (I am told I give the best manhug in Dublin) and geekery. The WAR EU players have consistently seemed to have a better time than me, and I've never really complained about my time.

Why is that? Well... I went to the NA servers for a good reason, I stand by that reason. But in an RvR game or a PvP game, the main action will always be primetime. I can stay up for that on the weekends, but if I've got something going on elsewhere, I'm missing the lions share of the action. For once, geography and time have let me down. There are fantastic people on Phoenix Throne (Go check out The Sentinels) but I don't get nearly as much time with them as I would like. Money no object, I'd run two computers :P However such multigaming is best left to people with more money than sense.

What to do then? Well it's obvious. I'm going to keep blogging about WAR and I have my sights set on someone inside Mythic about a few things.
That and I'm going to campaign for greater server transfers. It's time I went home, it's time I asked for a way for my Dwarfs to find their way back to their native time zone and the people who will be playing when it suits me to play.

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Anonymous said...

Aww, hope your dwarves can find their way home.

"But in an RvR game or a PvP game, the main action will always be primetime."

But yes, this is the thing. It's the one sole reason I always go to EU servers when I have the chance. It's always the right choice to make if you actually want to play with others.