Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Good

The lovely Sareini pointed me to a site a little while ago. It's called Gifts for Geeks. It says it is an Authorised Retailer for the Games Workshop.

What does this mean in practice? It means that I went and got the Battle for Skull Pass box set and paint set (with even more Goblins) for a price, including shipping, that is still €10 cheaper than the basic box in GW Liffey Street.

What does that mean in practice? That means ladies and gents that Ardy is go for getting a Warhammer army up and ready to take on NicGOA.

Now to the bad news for some.
I'm going Greenskins.

The poll results are actually 36% voted for Dwarfs (I love you all) and 30% for Orcs. However the offer of models from Magnus over in GOA, Nic himself, Mr Sareini and the models that I'll have in the box means a nigh 1000pt army from the word go. Which is far better than what I'd be at relying solely on the boxed Dwarves.

There we have it then. Despite online my heart belonging to the Dwarf side, my first WHFB army will be Greenskins.
Still could be worse. I could be trying to launch back into 40k. The world doesn't need another Necron player does it? (Speaking of which, anyone up for some Dark Crusade/Soulstorm?)

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