Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Night of Murder Post Mortem

Another short entry.

Partially to amuse people, partially to remind myself to bloody write damnit.

The Night of Murder ran from Feb 5th-16th. I only got home on the eve of the 7th. I had pretty much a week (except for Valentines day, yes I did all that) to play it and to my own shame, I didn't do much.

Why am I bothered? This was far easier to earn influence for than Kegs End. I got to the second reward on Leggit quite easily before it occured to me to try and do it all on my Dwarves who sadly got nowt.

What did everyone else think of the automated killmails? Personally I quite enjoyed getting my head sent to me in the mail. It gave me a goal, find that guy and kill him (I managed it). It gave me a pocket item, which I always enjoy having. It gave me a reason to charge blindly into my foes screaming as only a Goblin can...
..well I never need a reason for that last one, no matter who I am playing.

I'm not bothered that I missed out on an item that I can't use till level 35. As it is, I am going to have to get off my arse and get back to work on Orrekai. I've dawdled too long at 29.

In WAR related news, the official forums are there for people with active US accounts. Which I have, despite being a Euro. So far there's nothing in the healer forum, but I hope that will change soon. Granted when I say nothing, I mean literally nothing. No posts at all.
*makes eyes at the GOA guys for a EuroForum account so he can be globally nosey*


Inquisitor Goody said...

I loved getting my head sent back too, and yeah I'm still looking for the guy who sent it to me .... I'll get you next time Gadget (no wait that wasn't his name)

Anonymous said...

Well, Kaelani is at 29 too, so we could team up and endlessly heal each other some time...