Friday, October 10, 2008

Whose your Dawi?

I've been lax lately I know. Work has been a bit mad and there are other factors, as usual.

So for this entry, I'm going to ramble, babble and generally wander around my recent experiences in RvR Scenarios. Speaking of which Hammer of War has two of my guides up so far, with more to come as I get them done (sorry for the delay boss). Here and here.

First let's discuss reasonable expectation.

In Mourikains Temple, I tend not to follow the main path. All of this will be explained in a soon to go up guide. Suffice to say, in one of my recent runs, after getting dead I decided to try flank the main battle and make a nuisance of myself. As it happened at the same time an Ironbreaker on my team manged to kill the dude with the thing and snag it. He by some good fortune ran down the same way I was coming up. Hiding behind a wall to give myself a few seconds cover I started spamming heals. Rune of Shielding to give me some time to work while it absorbs damage. Heal over times, direct heals, an Oath Rune for extra resists.
Basically I did my job. I did what one can reasonably expect of my class.

The Ironbreaker died. Contrary to his complaint "Oh great I ran past a Rune Priest and no heals" I did heal. He died because the majority of available destruction chased him down and turned him into paste.
I'm good, but I'm not that good. Half a dozen? I'd have kept you going. More? It was always a losing proposition.

You can reasonably expect a tank to tank, a healer to heal and a Bright Wizard to cause trouble. Sometimes though, they hit the limit of what they can do. It isn't anyones fault, eventually it gets too much.

Before anyone ever yells at anyone in a scenario, think. Did they do everything you could reasonably expect? If so, bite down on the frustration.

Secondly. Short jokes.

I love playing my Dwarf. It's brought in a slight advantage for me. I can break line of sight easier. Lanky Elves are easy to spot. Manlings inevitably mark their position with fire or the favour of Sigmar. Dwarves though, Dwarves are small, unassuming and not flashy.
As a result I love Phoenix Gate (Guide coming soon).

I've captured the flag on more than one occasion and reported troop movements on many more by virtue of the fact, I can't be seen. That and people don't appear to look around much if you hold off on spamming attacks.

So to the people in that Phoenix Gate run a while back where we were stalemated. To those people who valiantly distracted the forces of Destruction while a lone Dwarf waltzed up to the flag. To those who watched my victory lap because short guys are hard to target (trust me, try pick out a Shaman in a group). I have one thing to say about my sucessful capture, the only capture that time, that won us the match.

Whose your Dawi?


Anonymous said...

On the height aspect... oh yeah. When I moved my Archmage Zelissande over to Ekrund to join the youngling dwarfs, it was surreal. I could see everything in front of me. If I looked down slightly, I could then see all the dwarfs. It made me giggle.

As for the healing thing, again as Zelissande, dear wounded player: stop jumping up and down in front of me because it makes it DAMNED hard to click on you. (I have since figured out that ctrl+N selects the closest friendly target.)

It's quite shocking how high you can get those healing numbers in a scenario. Those HoTs really stack up! (10K in a Tier 1? I'm almost scared of the numbers I could get with more than two healing spells.)

Nimgimli said...

Sounds to me like that Tank was t3h suxx0rz if he couldn't take a few hits without dying!! :) :)

I get sick of all the spew in and out of scenarios, honestly. I do scenarios less and less as the blush comes off the rose and people start seeing the flaws in WAR (because let's face it, every game has some!) and seem to become more willing to yell at each other.

Anonymous said...

So far my favourite scenario remains Khaine's Embrace.

Tier 1-wise, I never liked Ekrund Gate and Nordenwatch is "okay". Tier 2, I don't like any of them overly much either... but if pressed, I would have to say my preference is Phoenix Gate for that level.

Dunno about the upper tiers as my highest alt is just short of 20.

Pete, do you run scenarios solo/PUG or with a team of friends? I find the latter makes them sooooo much more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Also, it's important to remember that the relic damages the carrier for a little over 1k per cycle, which seems to be every few seconds, as well as debuffing them so they take more damage from attacks.

I honestly doubt Destruction killed him. More likely, they got him down to under 1k, and the relic did the rest. You pretty much have to have two healers on the relic holder, and three is preferred.

Anonymous said...

I love mourkains with a guild group, I usually try to rush up grab that relic with my chosen, hold on to it until damage is 1600+ then unload it to another tank type.

Alas I'm t3 now, and I have to deal with Tor Anroc Lava. Ironbreaker punts 4tl

Anonymous said...