Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Dear Pheonix Gate Players

Specifically the White Lions.

I don't know what's wrong with you. Until yesteday your lot always seemed competent.
Allow me to enlighten you. When you have captured the flag. We get points for running it back to our Shrine while we still have ours.
Running around like a twat and ignoring half the scenario screaming at you to go the other way is not good. Turn around. Go to our Shrine.
Don't shame your race by getting ganked and having an Ironbreaker have to do it. Or by being yelled at by two Rune Priests till you go where you're supposed to and then having to have one baby sit you in case you get stupid again.

It's capture the flag. Not "Look at me I'm glowy and pretty".




Crimson Starfire said...

Lol, I feel your pain. I have this issue as well. I kinda figured that the majority of players are new to this scenario, and so have no clue what to do. Mythic might have to think about putting pop up help text and directions for newbie players.

Ardua said...

I'm seriously considering doing a public service announcement that consists of

"If you're new to scenarios, go play Halo on Live for a few minutes so you learn to look around and what to do with flags/murderballs/things"

Ah well. They'll learn soon enough or they'll stop playing.

Anonymous said...

Do give people a little bit of a chance. We're not all FPS players. Besides, WL have their counterparts: Look at me, I'm all stabby and spiky! ;)

Ardua said...

Oh Im not much of one myself, but I've been boggled by the amount of people who will jog past me without seeing.

People will learn soon enough, but it was very irritating to have three different guys in three different scenario runs, all of the same class do the same thing. Such is life

Anonymous said...

Kill the dude with the thing?

Anonymous said...

Dudes without things are of secondary importance, with the possible exception of dudes healing the dude with the thing.


Anonymous said...

Just White Lions?? There's so many order I hate, it's hard to contain myself to one class.

Anonymous said...

Had an idiot Swordmaster do something like this today. The moron ran all the way back to our flag and then stood there for several minutes while the rest of the team told him to turn the damn thing in. We finally let Destruction kill him so someone with a brain could go get it and turn it in for us.

Melf_Himself said...

I have to say, the in-game description for this map is actually not very helpful at all. It simply says that you have to obtain the flag, not return it to your base.

I was running around hiding behind trees and such the first time I played this game, before others informed me otherwise.

Not to say that the people you saw weren't tards, but I think the limiting factor here was probably the bad tooltip ;)

Anonymous said...

The only time you shouldn't/can't turn the flag in is if the other one is also captured (but not turned in).

There are some nice hiding areas that can cause a stalemate... but we *never* did that, nor has both factions simply said screw the flag and did straight RvR instead. O:)

Anonymous said...

Just as an aside, I freakin' love the ballistas when there's a fight going on in the middle. I got the chance to stay on one most of one match before, and ended the game not only winning with my fellow Order folks, but having a damage total of 70k.