Monday, October 27, 2008

My Roster

What's Ardy been doing in WAR?

Not too many things, truth be told.

My main, a Rune Priest named Orrekai, is now sitting pretty at 22. I've found myself somewhat stalled while I think of a method to catch up with my friends in the Guild or snag someone elses coattails for a bit of levelling.

My secondary is an Engineer named Norri. Drunk, confused and convinced he's a scout. To the point where he has taken to hiding in trees and shooting at people. Recently he's hit level 20 and renown 16 or 17. Grenades are fun!

My final active character at the moment is a Witch Hunter. While browsing WarDB I spotted two powers in the core abilities of Witch Hunters that caught my eye, but of course it will be some time till I get to experiment with them.

The first is Booby Trap. Like how some players can buff siege engine damage or resistances, Witch Hunters can booby trap enemy weapons causing them damage any time they're used. I don't know about you but to me that sounds like it will be as funny as using Point Blank to launch people.
The second.... Ohhh the second. It will either be epic or rubbish. Pick Lock is available at level 30. What does it do you may ask?
You bolster yourself for 30 seconds, allowing you to bypass the defenses of an
enemy keep's postern door, porting you inside.

We currently have two Witch Hunters in the Oathkeepers Legacy and now there are two more. My friend Cryo and I have a duo coming up the levels. Your doors, watch them. We're going to come in and have some fun.

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Anonymous said...

I did not know about that keep door skill, interesting.