Friday, September 15, 2006

Pick your side

My brother and I are odd, or so I like to think.

We cant really be called fanboys of any one games system. They all have ups and downs. Now though, for most people the battle is about to start.

We'll use American dollars for the ease of comparison, but anyone needing a currency calculator can check

Right now the Xbox 360 is out there. It comes in two flavours, core and premium with if I recall correctly $300 and $400 price tags.
The 360 has been out now for almost a year and has gotten alot of fans. Halo 3 itself is likely to do for the 360 what Nintendogs did for the DS, in my little poorly informed opinion.

Coming November, we have the Nintendo Wii and the Sony Playstation 3.

The Wii will retail at $250. It will have a technical game in it, showing off what the Wii can do. Its aimed at a mass market with new and innovative games, web access, old game downloads and sd expansion.

The Ps3 will retail at $600. In this you will get the Cell processor, some of the best hardware on the market and the new BluRay disc system.

For alot of people there is division. For people like my brother and I, there is no war. We are techadopters. We'll easily end up with all three machines in a year depending on the must have titles. Pick your side ladies and gents. Your wallet is about to take a beating.

Final thought.
  • Nintendo just wants to have fun. Everything about this release points at being above the competition.
  • Microsoft wants to be loved. This is their new baby and they worked hard to make it good.
  • Sony wants to crush you all with a giant techno-wang

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