Saturday, September 09, 2006

Never again!

Yesterday in work I had my phone on silent. I figured it was proper seeing as I was doing CATI work as opposed to filing or such.
I received a call. For those who may not know, yesterday was the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek. The call, which went to voice mail, was from Mr Richard Bowen, in charge of BBC's World Have Your Say, inviting me to talk on the program about the comments I left at the BBC news site when they asked for such about Star Trek.

Here's the problem. At roughly the same time, one of the managers in work rang home looking for me and was told I was in work. They came downstairs and found me, so I dismissed the voice mail from an unknown number as either work seeking me, or David calling to say work sought me. Thus I ignored it until today when I got a second voice mail.

Thus my 15 minutes of fame in Star Trek have sailed on by. A pity really but entirely my own fault for my laziness.

Moral of the story? Never again will I put the phone on silent. Vibrate for the win!

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