Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fear me blogosphere

After a long and difficult association.... Skytel Ireland has finally become useful.

I know in an office of only apparently 5 people it can be hard to deal with customers on an individual basis but some of their mistakes were elementary.

  • They use a previous and slightly harder to find version of the softphone for computer dialing than what they link to. This renders their support screenshots useless.
  • They are either bogged down suddenly at times or dont take account of workload. Just don't say you'll call and then don't. It's bad for business.
  • The main reason we couldn't get the software to work? They put leading zero's in all the stuff we were supposed to enter and never told us to remove them. Heck why even put them in if you know they aren't supposed to be there?

Still after all that we now have a VoIP system at home so I can call whomever I please.

As with all things though there is a snag. Until we either fork out the €100 for their Sipura ATA or find another cheaper one, we cant make calls unless the computer is on and things like ohhh say Teamspeak or games are off. We did get a VoIP usb connector from Maplins, but they are obsessed with Skype. Yes it works after a fashion, I can now use the walk around phone, but its not quite what we wanted.

In a week or two we will have the perfect system. Walk-around phone -> ATA -> Clearwire wireless modem -> Skytel's Unlimted World calling package.

Who wants a call?

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