Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Tinfoil Hat

Not that Tinfoil hat though it is related.

The Blizzard Entertainment Real ID idea has caused a major storm. Suffice to say, people are annoyed (or amused).

So my little tinfoil wrapped titbit is a question. Given that Blizzard is held up on a pedestal and shown to be the company to watch when making an MMO, the company to emulate and the ones who set all sorts of trends… they’re obviously capable of judging how people will react to any given idea to a fair degree.

So if they aren’t going back on Real ID, why are they going forward? I don’t think it’s merely to clean up their forums.

All that data, accessible… that has got to be a marketers wet dream.


Anonymous said...

Because, when the group, and by group I mean the people who have the decision making power, regardless of what anyone else says or wants, makes a decision, and feel they are right about said decision, there's no changing their mind.

Ysharros said...

I live to give marketers cold showers. I detest marketing -- or rather I detest how intrusive and pervasive it has become here in the States (and presumably, by now, in Europe too).

I miss the good old days in the UK where I could go weeks without some organisation calling me up to sell me something. Here, it's a daily occurrence -- at one point back in TX we were getting 4 cold calls a day sometimes.

So yeah. Anything that makes that easier, I hate. Anything that allows me to hold onto (the illusion of) my privacy I will support.

Ardua said...

I don't think I have ever had a direct marketing call. I know that there are marketing companies in Ireland, but near as I can tell (from interviewing for positions, I was desperate) they were all selling to businesses, not people.

I really do wonder if there's a financial motivation behind it that we haven't seen rather than a Facebook-ifactioning of WoW.