Monday, June 14, 2010

Warhammers Black Ops

Apparently the Skaven may or may not be coming. Who knows? It's all rumours at the moment.

I've talked about Skaven before and Planetside.
So my quick two cents.

Skaven Classes!
  • Grey Seer - Equivalent to Archmage and Shaman. Variously imbibing Warpstone and expelling it to weave spells.


  • Plague Monk - Equivalent to Rune Priest and Zealot (this one is Sareinis)
  • Warpfire Cannon Skaven - Equivalent to Engineer or Magus. Guns ho!
  • Assassain - Witch Elves and Witch Hunters suddenly find sneaky rats butting in.
  • Rat Ogre Tamer - White Lions and Squig Herders.

But one race alone wouldn't properly shake up RvR, it'd have to be an entire faction. Unless you go the Planetside Black Ops route.

If Skaven do make an appearance and exist primarily to foul up the plans of everyone else...well that's Skaven-y and perfectly fine by me.


Sareini said...

I fully support the Skaven as a third faction in the world of WAR. Hell, throw in the Tomb Kings too and have them get revenge for everyone pillaging their lands/exploiting them for PLs.

(Captcha: inflamy. You know it makes sense :P )

Nic said...

I think that to make Skaven work Mythic has to take a look at Allods Online.

The way that they have done Gibberlings is EXACTLY how I envision Skaven. A single Skaven will almost never stand up to to any of the other champions in the Warhammer Universe but a small group of Skaven working as one... it would PWN.

Another mechanic they could look at for Skaven is how the Necromancer worked in Dark Age of Camelot. If they would use that mechanic a small Skaven master could control a large Rat Ogre.