Monday, November 30, 2009


You only really lose if you never try. I personally did not try and that's my loss.

I had outlined an idea and did start, but quickly fell out of love with how it was going. So in my inspired laziness I decided that as it was a loss either way (I dawdled far far too much) I would wait till the last weekend and try hammer out as many words on a new direction and tone of the novel idea as I could.

Then of course life intervened. So I lost for not following the advice I gave other people several times. It doesn't matter if it's rubbish, if it barely makes sense or only has a fleeting relationship with coherence, it only matters that you write. 50,000 words or bust, quality optional.

Perhaps next year I'll smack myself in the head and do it properly. Either way I must say congrats to Sehkmet, Renalae, Sypster, MorrowS and a huge congratulations to the absolutely nuts Scarybooster who wrote his on an iPhone.

It's only 8am GMT here so there may well be more congrats to come, Sareini and shinobitsn I'm looking at you.


Sareini said...

You know, just because NaNoWriMo is "officially" in November doesn't mean you can't try it during any other month. There's lots of unofficial challenges through the year, or you could just pick a month and go with it.

And hey, this is the first year I've even come close to winning. Every other year something's happened, from being evicted to close relatives deciding it's a good time to get ill, so I understand the interfering life thing.

Blue Kae said...

Just because NaNoWriMo is nearly over doesn't mean you can't keep working on the story. I did not get much done in November either, but I do have a good outline and fairly clear mental picture of most of my main characters, and I'm planning to keep working on the story.

So while I didn't "win", I did learn to get myself into a "don't worry, just write" mode which I think will help me be more productive.

Plus, there's always next year.