Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I’m sure you wouldn’t…

I’m sure you all wouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. I’m sure you all wouldn’t jump to conclusions on scant information.

I’m sure each and every one of you was raised right and isn’t going to cause a fuss over this.

According to Massively what you see in the link is the Star Trek Online Box art. Now being responsible mature people you won’t immediately read anything into it. Except we’re on the internet and that’s all bullshit and it’s time for nerd rage.

Specifically if people had a problem with the PCGamer Star Trek covers featuring vast … tracts of land on the girls, then what about this? Gun toting, fire raging, glorified battle with a Star Trek badge.

Suffice to say, diplomacy doesn’t seem to be an option.

We come in pwn, shoot to kill.

EDIT : Addition from a good friend

Doman: This is space, it shouldn't be "vast ... tracts of land" but rather "heavenly bodies"


Zizlak said...

Well the cover fits to the story Cryptic has presented so far... Diplomacy and non-fighting stuff is an (not the only) option they stated in some interviews, but this doesn't mean that there is all flowers and happiness out there. You can expect some fighting there with Klingons and Federation nearly at war...
Romulans are still quiet agressive and Borg are back.

The borg aren't famous for their diplomatic skills and the Klingons do some disruptor-diplomacy..
Imo you're upset, because you look at it from a starfleet-position. I can understand it, because that cover doesn't get the Star Trek feel.

Star Treek is a tricky IP to put into an MMO.. like this post from you shows.

I'm quiet happy that at least there is no half-naked, super-thin, cup size DD woman/"Alien" on that cover...

Sareini said...

Well, I just showed the cover to Nick and asked his opinion, and his response was (quoting as much as my memory allows):

"Oh dear God, no. Much too Rambo. It's far too... macho for Star Trek."

Make of that what you will...

Terry said...

Looks like just about every Star Trek ever to me.

Kirk hit more alien races with a big foam rock than just about anyone in the history of television. And that doesn't count the times he may have kirk-chopped a nazi, a genetic superman, a guy with a goatee, or another member of his crew.

Sure, there were diplomacy episodes, but they were pretty evenly balanced with fighting episodes, up until the last seasons or so of TNG and DS9, at which point it was all fighting.

It's box art. It's supposed to get your attention and trigger certain subliminal behavior responses.

As far as Marketing is concerned, fighting and spaceships and explosions with a clean cut looking fellow front and center > 5 balding nobodies of various colors with a collection of head ridges sitting around a table, maybe arguing or having tea or something.

Jayedub said...

I live huge tracks of lands, I see nothing wrong with that!