Wednesday, October 14, 2009

STO Placeholder

This is a post I've joked about a few times to friends.

I'm going on record as disliking Star Trek Online, the direction Cryptic are taking, the information released and pretty much most of everything I hear about it.

Placeheld so I can refer to it later and either laugh at myself for my misguided nature (yeah right) or more likely point and prove I was on the hatewagon first :P

Cryptic? You just go and bugger off.


Anonymous said...

Any special reason?

Ardua said...

A whole bunch of them. I'm likely going to put them down over lunch

Zizlak said...

I like the general direction from all the info I've got on the game.

Which isn't that much, but still I will most likely test it as it's seems very trek-ish to me and not just an MMO with the label Star Trek.

Kammorremae said...

Btw, Ardy, I rolled a Brute on Virtue.

Terry said...

Aren't you just full of haterade lately.

We Fly Spitfires said...

LOL. Placeholder noted :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just because I'm not a Trekkie, but I have absolutely zero desire to test/play/notice this game.