Friday, October 30, 2009

Champions Online Free Weekend

With the rising of the Blood Moon, Champions is offering a Blood Moon Weekend to give people two days to try out the game and the Halloween Event.

Terry was right in the comments recently, I have been more full of hatedom than usual. You know, I gripe because I am interested. I never was one of the CoH players or pen and paper RPG players who on hearing of Champions squeed my pants off. Personally I didn’t get it and to a degree I still don’t.

However I have told a few people (though I may have neglected to blog it, so here you are) that I always thought I could have fun in Champions. I loved the look of the Force set. I thought tunnelling was cute. I’m going to try make the Robo-Buddy. All these things hold true despite complaints about the store, complaints about the game at large or anything else.

I’m going to be patching up (provided it isn’t an insanely huge patch) and creating a few characters. As Syp pointed a while back, saving the costume you make is a good move as it saves everything and makes for easy loading at a later date. I don’t think I ever will pick up Champions full time because there’s just other things out there that I want to play and the people I enjoy playing with aren’t jumping ship entirely just yet. Even so, if you’re free this weekend feel free to poke me on my Twitter or in Champions. @Ardua or

That all said, I stand by my fan boyish Trekkie based nerdrage. Cryptic gets a blasting for Star Trek Online later on. Nitpicks incoming!


Cubbyish said...

You actually get three days, because it starts today. May even get four as it runs through Monday, just can't remember when on Monday.

I'm excited to get to play with the famous @ardua, although I'm not sure how much I'll be on this weekend. I'll likely be on in the afternoon Saturday and possibly Sunday (althought I'll be on hangover recovery for sure ;)

Ardua said...

Famous person? GET HIM!

Hehe I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you and if ever you want to pop over to CoH, we've trials a plenty.

Reminds me, I really must grab @Elaith and do a taskforce.